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Doctor Explains What Happens To Removed Body Parts After Surgery

People love to learn more about the inner workings of certain industries, and the medical profession is no exception.

In fact, one medical professional has been making quite a name for himself on social media site TikTok thanks to his engrossing videos covering health hacks and giving micro lectures on the medical profession — with one of his most recent videos covering some truly bizarre facts about lost limbs.

Dr Karan Raj recently shared a video explaining what happens to body parts that have been removed during surgery.

Raj responded to the question asked by one of his fans which enquired about what happens to amputated limbs post-surgery. It is something which not many of us spend a lot of time thinking about normally — well, most of us don't — but people couldn't help but find themselves curious about the fate of lost limbs.

Doctor Raj narrowed his answer down to three main scenarios, the first of which being that you can keep your limb!

Yep, you can actually request to keep your amputated body parts, if you should so wish. However, there are some caveats, as Raj explained:

"As long as it's not a biohazard, is free from pathogens & doesn't pose a risk to public safety — you can keep [your limb]!"

The amount of time that a hospital will store your body parts is around twenty-eight days.

So, if you have a desire to keep your removed limb then you need to be pretty quick about it.

Raj then went on to explain that, after twenty-eight, the limbs are then disposed of in a medical incinerator.

Although, things are a little different in the United Kingdom, as in the UK you can't cremate the limbs of the living.

Doctor Raj elaborated that this even applies to cremating your own limbs, and that this is due to the fact that, in the UK, a death certificate is required in order for human remains to be cremated.

However, you can also choose to bury your limb(s) in a dedicated limb burial site.

According to Dr Raj, there are limb burial sites "all over," as this is apparently quite a popular option for people who have had limbs removed.

Some people also shared their own experiences with having limbs removed.

One individual responded to Raj's video by writing, "My leg was donated to medical science, and there's a picture of it in a medical book somewhere."

I didn't know that there were so many different ways of dealing with removed limbs, which is a sentence that I did not expect to write today! Be sure to let us know what you made of Raj's video in the comments!

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