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People Are Sharing The Creative Ways They Tell Visitors It's Time To Go Home

Some people love entertaining at home. Having people over for some casual drinks, a BBQ, a dinner party, or Sunday football are literally some homeowner's favorite things to do. However, there comes a point in the day or evening when it's time for people to head out and go home. While we love hosting, there is an expiration time on everyone's stay.

So, how do you "politely" tell people to get the hell outta your house?

Having an immediate sign.

Having a sign that lets people know they are on the clock and cannot stay past a certain time is both funny and petty. It's a good decoration, sarcastic, but also lets people know you don't want them there late.

Dogs are the best.

This person had a shady dog that would let people know when they have overstayed their welcome. There is nothing better than having your dog be the one to tell people that they have been there far too long.

Some cultures just know.

Some cultures, like those in the midwest, know that it's time to go when people "slap their knee" and say "welp," and then the other party knows it's time for them to "head out." The unspoken knowledge works for both parties involved. Everyone wins.

Being blunt works too.

Letting people know it's "time to go" pretty bluntly can work. Especially when it's past your bedtime (some of us have a bedtime you know) and you just really need some serious sleep and shut-eye.

Directness is good, too.

You want to be polite to guests so that they want to come back again eventually. So, being direct is good, but being polite is even better. So, this husband clearly knows that it's the best of both worlds and his wife says it's "effective."

Cleaning is the ultimate sign.

You never usually do heavy cleaning in front of your guests, so when you break out the cleaning tools and vacuum or even start to spray Windex everywhere—it means bye, bye, it's ten past over it.

Like I said, dogs are the best.

Having a dog who tells people they have to go—well, it's the best because you can't get blamed for it. One Twitter user had her terrier "pee" on anyone who stayed longer than 3 hours. Perfect—but also backfired on her boyfriend.

The over-exaggerated yawn.

As seen on "King of Queens," the over-dramatic and exaggerated yawn is the ultimate way to showcase that it's way too long to be at anyone's house. Keep yawning every time they talk. The entire time. Yawn.

Looking at that clock.

Looking at the clock, or your watch, and talking about how late it is—the best way to be subtle yet also drop that hint bomb that it's time to get out. Some people will understand because it's the "passive-aggressive" way to get it done.

This is iconic.

One woman said her husband's friends were over trying to continue drinking when she was just too tired. So, she changed into her PJs and she even began to brush her teeth and it was a great way to say — go home to your own bed.

"You can stay but..."

Letting people know they can totally stay over but they also have to do things with you the next day—like go to Church or even help you move things and clean—that's a sure-fire way to get everyone to head out rather quickly.

This is pure.

Some people love their guests and really do want to see them, but also value their alone time. Telling your guests you love them but also just want your space is a great idea. Also, make sure they text you when they're home!

Blame the lateness.

Blame the time. Always blame how late it is. Even if it's not late at all, pretend it's late. Exaggerate how long they have been there. Say you have been up all day long—whatever it takes to prove it's been fun, but it's go-time.

Try all the "time" excuses.

Having a follow-up to make plans again is a great way to keep things light and happy. Sure, you had a great time, and yes they have been there too long, but you can try to make plans again for the future! Sweet and proactive.

Have a "back up call."

This guy has it made. He had a backup call emergency where he actually had to leave the house to take care of it. But, I don't think you can get me to leave my own house and drive around the block just to get others to get out. Too much work.