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The 'Maury' Show Asked People How They Told Their Baby Daddies They Were Going To Be Fathers

Finding out you're pregnant is one of the greatest joys for many people. For women who find out the good news, they always are trying to find unique and special ways to tell their partners—especially when it's their first baby. Sometimes, they want to think outside of the box and other times, they want to even try to make their partner cry.

Now, the "Maury" Show is asking people to share how they broke the "baby" news to their SO's and—I'm not crying...you're crying!

Tears. So many tears.

Some people try so hard to get pregnant and it takes a really long time to finally have the magic happen. When you try for so long, finding out the good news can be so emotional, you just know your partner's emotional reactions. This was too sweet that he knew without her saying it.

Telling him to be a stand up man.

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"Had to get an ultrasound with my 1st born because all pregnancy test were negative even blood test and I was still having monthly periods by time I found out I was almost 5 months along so I told my then criminal bf to turn himself in so he could be a decent father to our son .vs. Running and hiding," -Debbi Rowland

That's some cyst.

When you have to go for tests for things that may be off, you never know what results you are going to come back with. It may have originally been a "cyst," but that's definitely not a cyst now! It's a baby!

Some just know!

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"I sat on the edge of the bed with the test in my hands that he insisted I take because we were trying, I was late and he was sure I was pregnant. I said "you were right" he said "I told you" and rolled over and went back to sleep," -Sam Godon

Exciting and sentimental.

Sometimes, you find out and you're so excited you just have to tell them right away. Other times, you have the time to plan a real sentimental way to tell your spouse or partner that he's going to be a dad, again.


"I didn’t…my doctor thought my baby dad was my brother and when he said he wasn’t my brother and that he was my boyfriend she said “great your gonna want to stay in here for this” and then told me I was pregnant and my baby dad was hiding his face behind a magazine because he thought I was mad at him," -Mindy Dieter

Well, that's spot on.

Imagine you were having sex with your partner and he knew from the moment that he had gotten you pregnant. That is spot on and kind of crazy. I wonder if he can see the future in other ways then.

Food is the way to tell sometimes.

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"Was eating out told him the food tasted strange thought I had COVID-19 he said are you late I told him yeah 6 days which was normal he asked if I wanted a tested told him yeah just in case he said it’s gonna be a girl I’m currently 26 weeks with my baby girl," -Bob Readore

Signs are there.

A guy who can make his partner laugh, no matter what is something that is special.

Even when you are getting the good news that is serious, a guy who can make it a bit less full is someone who is a keeper.

Oh, my heart.

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"He was about to become homeless and told me we had to break it off because he was moving back home (states away) I was originally gonna wait until his bday but under the circumstances I told him right then and showed him a picture of the pee test. Unfortunately moving was just an excuse to break up with me as he didn’t really like me anymore," -Kristen James

Too soon, too soon!

Surprises happen for some couples—even only 6 months after the first baby comes. Don't they have a name for these kinds of babies—Irish Twins?

Sometimes, you get frustrated and just throw the whole test at him and say "why?!?"

So sweet to see!

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"We were at the hospital together we thought that I had fallen and we found out I was pregnant he stared at me after they told us and grinned and said I'm gonna be a dad and then the next pregnancy he told me I was pregnant and then I found that Same day that I was indeed pregnant," -Brenna Monson

That's not the best feeling.

Sometimes, people will deflect how they really feel because they are trying to hide things, like this one father who thought that he wasn't the father. Turns out, he was busy stepping out on his ex and couldn't believe she wasn't too.

Good thing someone helped him!

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"He was standing on a ladder fixing a broken window holding the new glass .. I walked up to that window an popped that test right out the broke window .. Said welll look at this .. my cousin had to hold him up," -Jacqueline DeLatte Duplessis.

Happy Anniversary!

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"I had been asking for a while if I can get a baby for our anniversary, kinda just joking. Then the day before our anniversary I took a test and called him and said well I got what I wanted for our anniversary and he told me we didn’t really have the money for a child rn and then I blew up and he said he was happy," -Sammie Rae