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Woman Shares Vid Her BF Took Slamming Her Cooking: 'At Least She Tried'

When someone makes food for you, the normal response is to say "thank you" and keep any bad comments to yourself (or spit the food out secretly).

Well, one boyfriend abides by a different playbook. He decided to diss his girlfriend's cooking ability in a video that's since gone viral.

Now HE'S the one getting roasted to a crisp online.

When it comes to food critique, we can always count on Gordon Ramsay's savage burns.

He might hurt your feelings, but you have to admit, he is hilarious. Like when he wrote "I feel sick" on this Twitter user's attempt at fish, chips, and beans. It's definitely...interesting.

Since joining the popular video-sharing app TikTok, he's even dialed his savagery up a notch!

He took it very personally when some person decided to put Nutella on steak.

"Nutella on Waygu? Seriously!! You idiot Nutella sandwich," he captioned his reaction video. He can be seen looking visibly distraught, as he says, "What are you doing? Oh, c'mon.

In another steak reaction video, the poor chef had to sit back and watch as someone TOASTED steak.

"What are you doing?" he says, as he looks visibly horrified.

"Toast is for bread and right now, if I had two slices, I'd stick them in your ears, you idiot."

While it's normally Gordon delivering savage reviews, one girl's boyfriend recently decided to give it a try.

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The viral video was posted by the girlfriend, Jakia Rose, who goes by @chikitarosee, on TikTok. It was shot by Rose's unidentified boyfriend. "I found this in my man phone," the voiceover says.

"This look like [expletive],” her boyfriend says as he points the camera down to the breakfast Jakia made.

It shows crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and apple cinnamon oatmeal on a paper plate. There are even finishing touches, like sliced apples on the oatmeal to liven up the dish.

He zooms into different parts of the meal before redeeming himself a little by saying, “at least she tried."

In the video’s caption, Rose wrote, "BRB crying," with several crying emojis. But while she found humor in the situation, others were less forgiving.

"Girl the day I see this, would be the last day I EVER cook for him," one user wrote, adding smiling and laughing emojis.

Other users agreed: "The way he would starve," someone commented. "Bacon not even burnt, eggs look fine. He's just ungrateful. Get a new one boo."

In the comments, Rose clarified a few things, like how it was her first time making oatmeal.

She also shared that she was "crying on the inside" when her savage boyfriend made that video when she was standing next to him waiting to try it. Yikes!

Many gave the home cook the praise she had been hoping for.

"Um I think it looks good," one wrote, with another defending the way the oatmeal looks by saying, "it's just because oatmeal dries weird."

Jakia wrote that she was "so proud" of her meal, which is why she added the apple slices.

Some people, however, sided with the boyfriend.

"girl... is that supposed to be oatmeal?" one user asked with a crying emoji. "it's the thought that counts."

Another said that the only thing that could look better is the eggs. Others commented that it looked like "sewage soup with apples."

Some shared their stories of eating their partner's crappy food.

"My ex made me a egg sandwich once... it tasted like soap. still ate it tho," one guy wrote.

While we don't know whether Jakia's boyfriend ate the food, we give her five stars for seeing the humor in the situation!

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