Son Gets Mom In Trouble With Teacher After Writing An Angry Letter For Being Disciplined

Some kids have a hard time dealing with consequences. Kids these days oftentimes do not know what it's like to be scolded or given consequences by their teacher, as many kids have been in/out of school due to the pandemic. Some kids just can't handle the repercussions that come with bad behavior, so they have to speak up when they think things are unfair.

Some kids speak back to teachers when they're in trouble.

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Whenever a kid does something wrong in a class, it's up to the teacher to provide repercussions and consequences to their actions. Many times, kids need structure and order so that they can learn to abide by rules and regulations in and out of a classroom.

However, one student couldn't take it, so he decided to go to the source.

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Facebook user Jaquya Bradford shared a letter that was written by her co-worker's son, Isaiah. Apparently, Isaiah had gotten in trouble with his teacher at school and was not having it, so he wrote his teacher a letter in response to his discipline.

The teacher was not having it.

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In response to the letter Isaiah wrote to his teacher, the teacher called his mother and asked to have a parent-teacher conference to discuss said letter. Clearly, Isaiah stepped a bit over the line in the way he responded to his teacher.

Isaiah was upset he got "25 of his humming bird bucks" taken away.

Assuming that "hummingbird bucks" are used as incentives for kids in school, Isaiah got in trouble for talking to a friend and got them taken away.

He was upset because "he worked hard" for those bucks, and decided to call his teacher a "thief and a crook."

He also said some other colorful things.

Isaiah also said that his teacher, Ms. Jones, is going to hell. And, she is going to burn in hell for real, because she is a thief. Don't worry, he sprinkled on that her new haircut is really bad.

People online were absolutely crying over this little one.

Some people could not handle how this kid articulated his emotions and could not believe he totally dragged. Ms. Jones not only for her actions, but also for her new haircut. This kid is seriously something else!

Someone made a distinct observation, too.

Another person said it's twice as funny because the student's name is pretty Biblical, meaning he probably attends church with his family. The fact that he's praying someone else goes to hell? Well, that's a whole other story in itself.

One person pointed out he did the "right thing" in a way.

One Twitter user said that in the long run, he did the right thing by expressing his feelings via a letter and writing it out, instead of lashing out in the classroom in front of everyone else and causing a scene.

And, some agreed with Isaiah.

Some people agreed with Isaiah that if he earned the reward bucks fair and square, he shouldn't have them now taken away from him. If he's misbehaving, he should be prevented from earning more instead of losing the ones he already earned.