DIYer Shares An Easy Dollar Store Dupe Of A Sold-Out Halloween Candle Holder

Who loves a good DIY dupe? I do, I do! Well, if you're like me, you're in luck.

One creative DIYer recently shared a dollar store dupe for a very popular Bath and Bodyworks candle holder. Not only is the dupe cheap and easy to make — it looks just like the original! Let's take a look at this awesome project that landed just in time for spooky season.

Okay, so here's where all of this started:

This is the Dracula's hand candle holder from Bath & Body Works. It's completely sold out online and in store — I was in a B&BW today and didn't see it — and there's no word on it coming back in stock.

One DIYer decided to make her own.

Ashley (aka @creationsby_ashleyc) really wanted the Bath & Body Works candle holder, but obviously wasn't able to get one. So, she decided to hit up the dollar store and try and make one herself.

She picked up quite a few supplies.

Thank goodness it was all at the dollar store, huh? She needed the glass for the base, as well as a ton of other goodies to create the hands.

Step 1: Cut the fingers off.

Yup, we have to cut the fingers off. Cut the fingers at each joint, keeping the base of the fingers attached to the hand. Yes, this will look very weird at first.

Step 2: Glue.

We're going to reconstruct the hand to mimic the shape of the original holder. Make sure you curl each finger up farther and farther so that they "hold" the candle.

Step 3: Paint it all.

Prep and prime absolutely everything. The hands and their base should be white, while the base should be black! Do not skip priming, or you'll regret it lately.

Step 4: Assemble!

Hot glue is going to be your best friend here! Wrap your jewels around the glass base, glue the spray painted plastic cup to it, and then place the hand on it!

The finished product is AMAZING.

Honestly, who needs Bath & Body Works when you can DIY this absolute masterpiece? The lace looks so good, and the rings are the perfect touch!

Ashley recommends using an LED candle for this project as a real candle could melt the plastic hands.

You can watch the whole TikTok right here.

Get a look at Ashley's step-by-step process creating the candle holders of your dreams!

What do you think of this hack? Would you try it instead of buying the original?