9+ Cheap And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Is your living space looking a little... dull? A little drab? Dare I say, a little outdated? If you're itching for a home makeover but your piggy bank is looking a little skinny, never fear! These tips will help you spruce up your space while keeping your budget in check.

Replace those ugly, standard lights.

Or, as the rest of us call them, "boob lights." You know the ones I mean. That hexagon one is way more chic.

These are swappable in rentals, too! Just hang on to the original light and pop it back up before you leave.

Add plants.

I mean, duh. The fastest way to add freshness to any space is to put plants in it! If you have a black thumb, try a few succulents to give your space some green.

Add FAKE plants.

Alright, so you kill every plant you own. That's fine! Places like Ikea have affordable fake plants. You can also use a Michaels coupon and get one there for up to 40% off!

Have fun macrame-ing new decor!

There's nothing more fun than trying out a new DIY (well, in my opinion). Why not try to make a macrame holder for a hanging planter, or a wall hanging?

Paint your furniture.

I mean, this is the most obvious upgrade that will make the biggest change in your space. Even painting the top and sides of a piece can change the vibe of a room!

Give your furniture a new face.

If you're not much of a painter, adding on a new facade is another great way to transform old stuff. Even buying Ikea stuff and buying new fronts would do the trip!

Give your toilet a makeover.

I mean, why not? If your bathroom is boring you, go out and get a new cover and cushion. It may not be your taste a year from now, but having fun with that is a good way to express yourself in a low-stakes room.

Swap your electrical plates out.

This is a really fun switch-up that will allow you to express your unique style on a smaller, but no less impactful scale. Feel free to get kind of weird with yours!

DIY your way to new furniture fabric.

If you're handy with a sewing machine, why not try sewing yourself some new pillow covers? If you really wanted to, you could get wild and make yourself a whole new couch slipcover.

Add some picture rails for chic shelving and styling moments.

This is my favorite home decor tip, especially for those who aren't great at hanging pictures (I'm awful at it). Putting up some picture rails will give you an instant gallery wall with minimal work.

Switch out your faucets.

This isn't as expensive as I thought it would be, which is a welcome relief! I'm a big fan of brass faucets right now, so I'd totally go for something a little bit glam. Live a little!

Give your walls a quickie half-accent makeover.

This is a really great way to give a room some contrast and personality! Doing a half-accent wall with a half-color, or even adding some fun, organic shapes is a super trendy idea right now.

Cover up ugly tile.

There's a lot of companies out there that provide peel-and-stick tile, but the one I'd go with is Smart Tiles. They have amazing reviews and a large, stylish selection!

Hide ugly pet items.

Litter boxes are some of the ugliest pet items in the world, and the hardest to hide. Get funky with yours and do something that makes a statement, but hides the fact that a cat poops in it!