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People Can’t Decide Whether Jenny Is The Real Villain Of ‘Forrest Gump’

People love to argue about film theories and...well, about movies in general now that I think about it. The most recent debate to get Twitter users in a lather was a debate over who was the real villain of Forrest Gump.

Fans of the classic film had some very strong thoughts on the subject!

It all started when one Twitter user posed a fairly straightforward question...

Some of the most popular villains that people chose included the likes of Nurse Ratched, "Percy Wetmore in The Green Mile," and "Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men."

All of which were very strong contenders.

However, one "dark horse contender" really threw a cat amongst the pigeons.

Yes, when Michael Brendan Dougherty suggested that Forrest Gump's Jenny was the "best" villain of all time, the Twittersphere was thrown into chaos. Individuals came in thick and fast to weigh in on the comment.

Although, there were some people who were quick to defend her character.

Another person pointed out this scene as key to understanding the conflicting arguments against her character, writing:

"In fact, that scene introduces a thematic weakness (forgive me) because it screws with the 'Jenni was just using and abusing forrest' and makes her character inconsistent."

Some people were quite unashamed with their dislike for the character.

Other, less vehement, arguments against her character came from people who said in relation to the reunion scene in Washington: "She made it all about herself! Could have waited. I've long been in an advocate of how terrible Jenny is."

Although, that is a pretty big crowd so you can see how she could easily have lost him, they didn't exactly have the Find Your Friends app.

Taking into account Jenny's childhood was also a big factor that most people ignored.

The character ofJenny goes through some severe emotional trauma between her childhood and her addiction, so to discount that felt unfair for a lot of the Twittersphere.

Let us know where you stand on the character of Jenny in the comments below.

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