People Are Sharing The Movies They Never Get Tired Of Watching

We all have that one movie that we love so much we could watch it endlessly. Maybe you have more than one, a whole collection of films you know inside and out and would still play on repeat anyway just to hear the lines again.

We asked our audience on Facebook for movies they never get tired of watching, and here were some of their picks!

So fun.

"Kung Fu Hustle... I don't know why but I could put that movie on and happily watch it anytime."

You don't need a reason to enjoy a movie! Nor does it have to be the pinnacle of filmmaking for it to be enjoyable.

They're classics for a reason.

"Possibly the only movies I have watched more than twice [are] To Kill a Mockingbird and The Sound of Music."

Both of these films were echoed a ton in the comments, they're a favorite among many! No matter how many times you've seen them, there's no denying their excellency.

Maximum effort!

"I am watching Deadpool right now for the hundred time."

Catching you in the act, huh? That's okay, Deadpool is not only so, so funny, but just genuinely very good. Can I come finish watching it with you?

Adventures in historical babysitting.

"Night At The Museum 1, 2, & 3."

Not the most conventional series pick, but one I respect deeply. They're such fun movies with a stellar cast, every time I've watched them I had an absolute blast!

Is it cold in here?

"[The Sixth Sense]. Every time I watch it it’s like the first time!"

I was first shown this film in a, well, film class, and every day I kick myself for not getting to it sooner. It's excellent and worth the watch if you haven't seen it yet.

Orson Welles would approve.

"I don’t know why but I use to watch War of the Worlds on repeat."

Because it's a great sci-fi thriller movie with not only a great director, but an equally great cast that's a blast to watch? Could that be why?

Peak performance.

"Twister and Dante's Peak are my comfort movies. [I] can watch them on repeat."

Comfort movies occupy a different space for me. There are movies you enjoy that you could watch a bunch, then comfort movies that one watches specifically to unwind. Though one movie can fill both roles, of course.

Dream on.

"A Nightmare on Elm [Street]. All of them."

See, many people didn't answer with horror movies, but I respect those that do. Especially someone who sees beauty in the later entries in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series rather than just praising the first two.

Where the skies are so blue.

"Sweet Home Alabama. Don't know why but it makes me smile."

That's all a movie needs to do for it to be good! As long as it can brighten your day and even get a laugh out of you, it's worth the watch.


"The first Avengers and [Avengers: Infinity War]."

The first Avengers movie really kicked off an era of film, one that had a huge impact on the industry as a whole. No matter your opinion on them, there's no sense in dismissing their influence.

An offer you can't refuse.

"Everything you need to know in life, you will learn from The Godfather [...]."

Confession, I've never seen The Godfather, but if I can really learn everything from it, maybe I'll give it a shot. I can't wait to finally learn how to file my own taxes.

Not just one, but all!

"The original Star Wars trilogy, I’ve probably watched them ten to twelve times, I know what is about to happen and I can recite the dialogue in most cases but I could watch them again right now and thoroughly enjoy them."

Outwit, outplay, outlast other viewers.

"Not a movie, but I have all 40 seasons of Survivor and can watch those over and over again. Can't wait for season 41 to begin in the fall!"

That show is 40 seasons long? Wow, I had no idea. Respect to anyone like this commenter who has stuck around for 40 seasons, that's impressive!

The rom com that redefined rom coms.

"Pretty Woman. Not that I want to, my wife watches it 100 times a year."

And you still sit there politely and watch it with her, hopefully without any complaints towards her? If it makes her happy, let her do it. Find the same joy she does!


"[The Fifth Element]. Must've seen it 100 times at least."

Another classic, I vividly remember my dad showing me this movie for the first time. It's a funny, fantastical journey. I should watch it again soon...

Never say die!

"The Goonies."

This one popped up a lot, and with it being a childhood classic of my own, I completely understand. It's such a timeless story that can stick with someone forever, as it will with me and the friends that I watched it with!

If Mary Poppins was a car, from what I gather.

"[As] a child [I] watched [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang] religiously every single day and never got bored of it."

Choosing one single movie to obsess over is common in children, and I think the movie they choose can say a lot about what they'll grow up to be like. Mine was Tarzan, which means... nevermind, actually.

You'd think they'd keep a better eye on that kid.

"Home Alone 2. [I've watched] it every year from first release date up to now."

Only the sequel? That's pretty off the beaten path! While the first one was, of course, amazing, I agree that the second one is just a bit more fun.

Stick it to the man!

"School of Rock, 2003 . I watched this movie like 14 times."

Yes! Incredible pick. One of Jack Black's best movies in my opinion, and always such a joy to watch. You can't feel sad when watching this movie, it's scientifically impossible.

Best. Ending. Ever.

"The Shawshank Redemption."

Another movie that was mentioned a bunch. It is cited as one of the greatest movies ever made, after all, it wouldn't have earned that title if it wasn't something lots of people liked!

And I said, what about...

"Breakfast at Tiffany's, any day any mood."

This was another quite popular one amongst our audience, as a lot of people find that it really is a film that you can watch no matter how you are feeling.

A real heartbreaker.

"With out a [doubt]... the Green Mile!!!! Watch it over and over again!!"

I think that everyone vividly remembers the first time that they watched the Green Mile. I think you need to be in the right headspace to watch this one though!

An adventure as big as life itself!

"I would say a lot of these [have] already been mentioned but one that hasn't is a really good one. Big Fish."

Yes, just yes! Quite a few people have a real downer on this movie, but I simply adore this film. It's one of Tim Burton's best in my opinion.

A somewhat strange combination...

"All the Cheech and Chong movies and yes sound of music!"

I love the idea of this combination of movies, but I do not know if you could do them back to back. Although, you never know, it could really work!

One for Christmas time!

"It's a wonderful life, every Christmas."

I do not think that a single Christmas has gone by without me putting this masterpiece on. It is just unavoidably heartwarming every single time you put it on. Jimmy Stewart is also one of my favorite actors of all time.

We're gonna need a bigger list...


Jaws is an obvious classic. Although, I do have a soft spot for the sequels, yes all of the sequels. I have no idea why though, maybe it is because they are so daft?

Something a little out of the blue?

"Believe it or not, I still like Labyrinth..."

Do people not typically like Labyrinth? I'll admit that I watched it too late in life to have a sense of nostalgia about it, but I always thought it was quite a popular movie?

I didn't expect anyone to say this one!

"Angel heart with Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonnet."

I have not seen this film for years, and had pretty much forgotten about it until someone said that it was their go-to movie. I might have to give it a rewatch soon!

A true American classic.

"True [Grit] (John Wayne of course)."

I actually was a pretty big fan of the remake as well, although I know that is sacrilegious to say to some people — I am willing to risk it though!

A strangely popular choice...

"House of 1000 Corpses."

Strangely enough, House of 1000 Corpses came up a fair few times. I cannot say that I have ever seen it, but maybe I am missing out on something? Maybe it is actually quite a pleasant film...?