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I Can't Stop Reading About Someone Ditching Their Sister's Wedding After Saying They'd Go

Some families have tons of drama, there's no way around it. Sometimes, one person does the wrong thing, and they can't admit it. Other times, someone does the wrong thing and they're scolded by everyone around them.

And, sometimes, you need strangers on the Internet to tell you when you've completely messed up in order to face the light. We're here to tell their stories!

One Reddit user recently wrote into the site seeking advice about their sister's wedding.

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The Reddit user said her sister got engaged 6-months-ago and asked her to be a bridesmaid. She said she agreed because, "how could she not?" However, she ran into some issues with her sister and the bridal party, apparently, due to money.

The 21-year-old said she ran into problems when they went dress shopping.

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Her 34-year-old sister and her other bridesmaids went dress shopping and they decided on a very pretty dress. However, it was $300.

She said she is a "broke college student" who couldn't afford to buy a $300 dress she would "only wear once."

When she told her sister she couldn't afford it, her sister said she'd help.

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"I told my sister immediately so she said she’d pay $150 and I could pay the rest myself. She sent me the money and since there were still three months before the wedding she said I had to 'salvage something,'" she wrote.

Her sister Venmo'd her $150, and expected her to pay the remaining.

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However, the Reddit user said instead of buying the dress, she "kept her sister's $150 dollars" for herself. She said she wasn't going to spend "two weeks worth of groceries" on a dress.

But, she never told her sister.

A week before the wedding, she finally told her sister.

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"She was pissed, saying there wasn’t enough time to order a new dress. She told me I couldn’t be a bridesmaid without it.

I didn’t show up to the wedding (for obvious reasons). She called me after, asking me where I was and calling me an a**hole and a liar," she wrote.

The Reddit user asked the community if she was wrong for not attending the wedding.

One user said, "Your sister gave you money for the dress, you kept it and used it on other things. Then you didn’t tell her you did that or that you changed your mind about being a bridesmaid and then just let her find out what you did a week before."

Others said she should have "returned" the $150 her sister gave her.

"She sent you that money for a dress. Not for you to spend, even on needs. And I am confused. Why did not go as a guest? Where you afraid she would ask for her money back? You should have said you can't even afford 150 and you are sorry you can not be in the wedding," said another on the thread.

Some thought that the Reddit user "couldn't really like her sister" to treat her this way.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen a (traditional) bridesmaids dress under $100. Why would you accept if you (seemingly) never had an intent to buy the dress and be a part of the wedding in the first place.

Then on top of that stealing $150 from her and then ghosting her. I take it you don’t really like this sister in the first place?"

Many said while the money is a lot, she should have told her sister sooner.

"You should have told your sister your issues a long time ago.

I think $$ spent on weddings is absolutely insane these days, but bailing on your sister's big day over $150 without any advance warning is a huge a**hole move," one wrote.

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