Woman's Failed Balayage Hair Proves Even Professional Stylists Can Make Mistakes

What isn't illegal, but feels illegal?

It's this "makeover" documented by TikTok user @amycaroline13, actually. She had her hair dyed for the first time by a professional salon, and the results were beyond awful. She told TikTok all about her hair journey, and guys — there are pictures. And they are tragic.

This is before the disaster.

"This is before, this is my complete natural hair, untouched. I never had it bleached, never had it dyed, didn’t really straighten it much, didn’t curl it much," Amy explained.

She decided she wanted some highlights.

"This is what I asked for. A little bit of highlight, just some face framing. Nothing too crazy. She told me it would not be difficult since I had completely virgin hair prior."

"And let me show you what she did to me."

Oh. Oh no.

"BRO. I cannot even make this up. This is what she did to my head."

I would love to know how the stylist wound up doing the complete OPPOSITE of what she requested.

Stylists were horrified.

"It took me three sessions with somebody else just to look presentable again."

I think Alyssa is right — the stylist definitely shoved all her hair in those foils.

Amy said she actually knew her stylist pretty well.

"She had been cutting my hair for years, and I’d seen a lot of the wonderful work she’d done coloring other people’s hair." It's so sad when something like this happens with someone you trust.

The repair process was lengthy.

"The first attempt was just to bring some lowlights in and try to even it out. This was permanent color, but my hair just does not hold color. So the brown just kind of washed right out."

The second try was much better.

"So this is attempt number two. Pretty uneven. I ended up kind of having to bring the blonde all the way up to the top. And now I’m just trying to grow it out."

This is where her hair is now.

This is a year later. Her hair actually looks great to me, and it looks way less fried than after her initial session! It's so much better.

You can watch her whole ordeal here.

Check out Amy's poor journey here. What do you think of what happened to her hair? Have you had an experience like that at a salon? Let me know!