15 Hair And Makeup Attempts That Truly Backfired

Beauty can be hard.

Some people excel at it big time, turning their faces into works of art for the whole internet to enjoy.

But others...well, they struggle. No one knows that better than the people here, who tried and failed to cut their hair, dye their hair, or do their makeup in a moving vehicle. You know how it is.

Quick question: WTF?

"Dyed everything EXCEPT for my hair... including my tongue, nail beds, and [expletive] corneas."

How does one end up dyeing their TONGUE AND EYES when trying to dye their hair?

How do you mess up this badly?

"My bf called me to see how he did with his haircut. These are the results and needs to go back to work tomorrow. Not even a hat helps."

His mom owes him a refund for this.

"My mother took up a hair cutting course 9 years ago. With just little practice she confidently lured my brother in for a haircut. This is the result."

That ain't right.

Little pandemic things!

"To anyone out getting a haircut over the next few weeks... make sure they get under the mask/straps."

This is an easy fix, sure, but it's also so funny to me. We live in weird times.

Always check when your makeup expires, y'all.

"On Friday I got fancy and wore my first full face of makeup in over a year to celebrate my state's lifting of mask mandates. Ended up with blepharitis."

Just blued myself.

"Didn't realize one of my glove fingers broke until I was done dyeing my hair." Well, that's not going to come off for a quick minute.

Those layers are choppier than the open sea.

Apparently, this haircut cost $75. $75 for some chopped up layers? No thanks.

Honestly, the hairdresser should give her a refund, and then pay her $75 for this mess. It's only fair.

Reminder that salon tools are for, you know, salons.

"Thought I could do a quarantine haircut. My buzzer thought otherwise..."

If you're going to cut your own hair, at least stay away from anything powered by electricity. That's just asking for trouble.

I guess it's the thought that counts.

"Quarantine haircut day. This was my dad's attempt at a fade in my brother's haircut."

I swear the pandemic is responsible for some of the worst haircuts i've ever seen.

Loose powder is not your friend.

"I’ll just do my makeup in the car like a stupid idiot."

As someone who used to do her makeup in the car, my advice is this: only do loose powder at stop lights.

At least it looks fine in the front?

Well, there's no saving that haircut. Luckily it's in the back, so very few people will notice...right?

I'd say this calls for a hat, but it's a bit low for that. Perhaps a jaunty scarf?

This barber should maybe give up the craft.

"Went to a barber for a neck shave two days before my wedding..."

I'm just going to quote of the comments here, since it sums everything up nicely:

"What was the barber's name? Sweeny [sic] Todd?"

I have to know what this costume was.

"My halloween makeup doesn’t want to come off."

If this ever happens to you, try baby oil. If baby oil doesn't work, congrats! You have a new face tattoo.

"My boyfriend helped me dye my hair."

"Between the back of my neck being SO blue/purple. The single Elvis style sideburn he gave me in purple dye and the HUGE chunk he missed in the front he is def not being tapped to help again."

She looks great.

Listen. You could look at this as a fail, or a tragedy, or a huge mess. Or you could look at it as a dog trying to get into a new hobby. You go, queen.