Cat Takes Rainy Day Walks With His Custom Cat-Sized Umbrella

If you've ever had a pet, you know that they basically become part of the family. We care about our furry friends as much as we do with any other loved one.

So it's no surprise that this one feline from Japan gets extra special treatment. His owner even ensures that his beloved kitty doesn't get one raindrop on himself during his daily walks.

Miru-chan could be considered the most spoiled cat in the world.

Unsplash | Mikhail Vasilyev

Why? Because he loves being outdoors but only when he's carried by his devoted owner, ha, ha! So he gets the royal treatment pretty much every day. But what happens when it rains, you ask?

Well, his owner has thought of that too.

Unsplash | Xavi Cabrera

Not only does the cat get carried in all sorts of pouches, purses, and carriers, but he also has something very special for when it rains. His very own personal umbrella. OMG!

Yes, that's right.

This lucky feline gets his very own little umbrella. Oh my goodness. Check this out. Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? I can't get over this, ha, ha! This cat's owner is a genius, no?

Now that's true devotion to your cat, no?

And I thought we were good cat parents. This guy is putting us all to shame. Am I right? I have to make sure our cat Mayu doesn't see this. I wouldn't want him to get any ideas, lol.

There are so many other cute pictures of this lucky cat.

I'm going to share a few more of them with you. For example, here he is being carried in his favorite human pouch. He's like a little kangaroo, hehe.

And I bet he loves his view here.

After all, doesn't everything look better from above, eh? This cat is having the time of his life, and I've never wanted to be a cat more than now, hehe. What a charmed life, huh?

I wonder how much this kitty weighs?

He looks pretty sizeable to me. His human carrier is getting plenty of exercise carrying this feline with him everywhere, that's for sure. Who needs a run when you can log a cat around ha, ha!

Now, after a busy day sightseeing with his human, this kitty needs his rest, alright.

Oh my gosh. Aren't cats the best or what? I can stare at the funny things they do all day if I could. They sure are flexible!

Okay, let me ask you this: Would you spoil your cat like this?

Or is this a little too much? I don't know. This umbrella idea is pretty genius and hilarious at the same time. I would get it for our Mayu if he allowed us to carry him around.