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People Are Getting Matching Pawdicures With Their Best Furry Friends This Summer

It's so much fun to grab your girl gang and head to the spa together to get your nails done. There's something just so relaxing about it, and at the end of it, you get some fun nails!

But you know who's even better to head to the salon with? Your pup. Yes, you can get matching pedicures with your dog, and people are already doing it.

Check out these glitzy gals.

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Don't worry — these are non-toxic and paw-safe polishes.

I wonder if the dogs get to choose their nail color?

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If they did, they definitely chose a nice one! It goes paw-fectly with their coat color!

I kind of feel bad for these dogs. I hope their owners give them lots of treats after for being such good sports!

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So dainty.

Check out this patriotic pair.

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Would you ever get a pawdicure with your pup? Let us know!

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