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People Are Sharing Embarrassing Things They Did As Children

As kids, we have all done our fair share of embarrassing things because we didn't know any better. And, those stories live forever through our family and friends. When we do silly or ridiculous things, it doesn't die off very easily.

Reddit users began to share their own moments of embarrassment and thought it be wise to share with us. We're grateful for the laughs.

Welp, that's not the career you want to scream about.

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"I had an older cousin who I overheard say she was going to be a porn star one day. I had no idea what that was (9yrs old). One day we went to the mall with her parents and a kiosk was selling license plate holders. One said '#1 porn star.'

I very loudly said 'Look Angie! #1 porn star!! For you!!'" -u/theydidnthveurname.

Splish, splash, in the botanical gardens.

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Redditor u/novakw was traveling with family and they went to the botanical gardens. At the gardens, she saw a lilly pad and said she was "fascinated" as a kid how frogs would hop from one to the other. She decided to try for herself and, of course, failed.

"It was a long, wet walk back to the car after an embarrassing explanation to the managers of the gardens."

Shovels of poop.

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"When I was around 5 or so I used to go to the side of my house with a shovel to [poop]. Now you might be thinking I dug a hole a [poop] in it. I wish.

I would defecate onto the shovel and then fling it over the gate, onto the street. I remember eventually getting caught and having a very awkward talk with my parents," -u/ChiefFlats.

A karaoke song to remember forever.

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"I was in a small restaurant with my dad and brother and when I went to the bathroom, I decided to belt out the chorus to 'Weird' Al’s 'The White Stuff' in full volume thinking the bathroom would contain my vocals," said u/maip23.

Turns out, the entire restaurant heard him singing.

A poop in the ocean.

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"When I was about 5 years old I [pooped] in the ocean on a crowded beach and watched in horror as the turd floated and then washed ashore, gently rolling in and out with the waves. Just rolling, rolling, rolling...,"- u/rise_up-lights. ·

That's one way to get your crush's attention.

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Reddit user u/JunkieMcflunky thought it would be a good idea to sneak out of their house at 4 a.m. with a giant bag of garbage and run to their crush's house, dump all the garbage on the floor, ring the bell, and run.

When she told him, he wasn't too impressed.

Oops, wrong mom!

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"When I was in kindergarten waiting outside to be picked up by my mom, I saw her approaching. I closed my eyes and ran at her and hugged her. Opened my eyes and I apparently I had not aimed correctly as I was hugging the wrong woman. One of my classmates yelled at me to 'stop hugging their mom.'"

Definitely awkward for everyone.

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Reddit user u/ExplainsTurboSloth asked their teacher in high school if she was a member of the Mile High Club. However, he didn't know what it was, and thought it was a "special area of the plane where you get to sit." Everyone looked at him confused and, she did not respond.

What a sight to see.

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"When I was like 7 or 8 I was staying over at a friend's for a sleepover. Had to go to the bathroom late at night but it was down a super creepy dark corridor and was too spooked.

Friend suggested I pee in one of his baby brother's diapers and I was so desperate that I did. His mom came in to find me holding a soaked diaper with piss all over the floor," -u/Canalbreads.

Too harsh kid.

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Redditor u/plumblenugget's parents talked down on smoking when they were a kid to make sure that they never started smoking. One day in kindergarten, a classmate was absent because their grandmother had died from lung cancer.

The Reddit user apparently said, "Serves her right," thinking she had been a smoker.

First kisses can be hard.

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Redditor u/buffywho's first kiss attempt did not end well. During spin-the-bottle, they landed on a very attractive, older boy. When they got up to kiss him, she opened her mouth super wide and leaned in. He just backed up and said, "no." Ouch.

That poor mom.

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"When I was a kid I used to watch TV with my parents, and I watched a couple French kiss. So I thought that was how you were supposed to kiss everyone. So later my mom asked for a kiss from me, and I tried to French kiss her," -u/Yimmorn.

Stalking much?

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Reddit user u/dumbest had a hobby of stalking their crushes. Whenever they had a crush, they would look up their parents, address, and home number in the White Pages.

Then, they'd repeat it all back to them, word for word.

"I was literally a serial stalker and for some reason no one ever reported me."

Snipers to the rescue.

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"There was this one guy in geometry that was constantly making fun of me. One day, after I couldn’t take it any more, I pulled out my phone and acted like I was talking to snipers who were trained to follow around people who had been mean to me," -u/randomredditing.

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The epic fart in front of the whole class.

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"Watching a Bill Nye video in 4th grade. I was in the last row of desks, and I had an absolutely horrifying cough/sneeze/fart combo that felt like my entire body was exploding. It sounded like a demented goose attacking a dog on top of a whoopee cushion. Everyone turned and stared and started laughing and I put my head down and pretended to be dead," -u/morelissapower.