Dog's Mom Decorates His Cone Every Day To Make Life A Little More Bearable

Dog owners know all too well that our furry friends are a lot less like pets and a lot more like family. When they hurt, we hurt — and there's nothing we wouldn't do in order to make their pain bearable.

Dog mom Jenn Frates recently proved as much after her beloved Golden Retriever Finn was forced to wear a medical cone for two weeks. In order to make his day a little brighter, Jenn gave Finn a new look each and every day.

Dog mom Jenn Frates has a furry best friend named Finn.

According to Jenn, Finn is and always has been an incredibly calm and laidback dog — even as a puppy. Finn likes to play, spends most of his days lazily rolling around in the backyard, and absolutely loves cuddling.

Recently, Finn was neutered and was told by the vet that he'd need to wear a medical cone for at least two weeks. “He was not thrilled to wear the cone, but did so begrudgingly,” Jenn explained to The Dodo.

So in order to help make the time pass a little faster for both her and Finn — Jenn decided to dress up her dog.

Jenn began voraciously scrolling through Pinterest in order to come up with ideas. In no time, she had more costume designs for Finn than she knew what to do with.

After debating with herself, Jenn decided that she'd give Finn a new look every day for two weeks! She began by turning Finn's cone into a tasty waffle cone with a cherry on top — Finn really does look cute enough to eat.

Jenn said that it gave Finn something to focus on and look forward to.

Imagine how you'd feel if you were forced to wear an upside-down lampshade over your head for weeks on end — you'd be miserable! A simple change of scenery can do a lot.

Plus, Jenn said that Finn is already well aware of the fact that whenever he's asked to sit and pose for a picture, treats and head-pets are sure to follow. Remember Finn, I like my martinis shaken, not stirred.

As you can see, most of Jenn's cone designs were incredibly detailed and elaborate.

Jenn said that she's doing this as much for herself as she is for Finn. “I’m trying to stock his first year[sic] puppy book with lots of funny memories," Jenn admitted. "I also just love art/being crafty in any form.”

There's no denying that Jenn has talent and an eye for design. There aren't many people I know who could turn their pooch into a giant slushie drink and get away with it.

Just look at how freaking cute Finn looks dressed up as Buzz Lightyear from *Toy Story*.

To InFINNity and beyond, am I right? This one is my favorite of all Finn's costumes by far. Just look at the detail on the cone: the buttons, Space Command logo, and even the Buzz Lightyear sticker are all there!

Also, those wings are freaking fantastic. The only thing that could have made this any better would've been if Jenn attached blinking lights to the wings.

Not surprisingly, people all over the internet are beginning in to take notice of Finn's amazing cone costumes..

“I’m glad it’s put a smile on so many faces in such a dreary year,” Jenn remarked. “I loved reading the comments that said, ‘I needed to see this today,’ or ‘This is exactly what we need to see this year.’ Warmed my heart!”

Suffice it to say that both Jenn and Finn are the absolute epitome of a slam dunk. Two points, and one — count it!

But as glad as Jenn was to see such a positive response, she's happy that things are now back to normal.

As cute as Finn undoubtedly is in each and every single one of his costumes, Jenn still prefers him coneless. She said that the two of them had a ton of fun together, but that Finn is much happier when he doesn't have to worry about bumping into walls.

What's your favorite of all Finn and Jenn's cone costume designs? Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know!