15 Divorce Lawyers Spill The Details On Messy Marriages They’ve Had To Deal With

Divorce can be hard and it can definitely be messy. Sometimes, things end for a reason. But, it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. Especially when the reason behind the divorce is cheating, lying, or even worse.

Families torn apart are not easy. And, those who deal with divorce are brave souls. That's why divorce lawyers are unsung heroes.

This husband got real petty about it.

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"Had a client whose soon-to-be-ex-husband used her email address and phone number to sign her up for every bank, loan, religious, mental illness, and pornographic site he could think of. She was bombarded by people contacting her about her interest in their product/services," -u/dirtydlf.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Reddit user F-BOMB said a couple was fighting over an ashtray they had gotten in Vegas at some point. Neither smoked and spent over $5,000 in lawyer fees. When the husband won, he smashed the ashtray right in front of her face and said it was "worth $2,500" to see the look on her face.

I guess that's one way to say goodbye.

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"We had a client who had just come home from a two week vacation with his wife only to be served with divorce papers and a temporary restraining order as soon as they pulled in the driveway. Wife didn't say a word and just went into their house," -u/MissSara13.


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Reddit user MastadonBob's brother is a family attorney and a failed actor. The case was a mother filing for sole custody, accusing her husband of terrible, graphic child abuse.

The brother noticed in the court transcript that one of the kids said, "did I hit my marks?"

Turns out, the mom hired an acting coach for the kids to lie about the abuse.

No more video games!

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" I had a court order come across my desk that explicitly banned a father from playing Minecraft with his son over the internet because the ex-wife alleged that the in game chat was a form of improper contact that wasn't outlined in their custody/visitation plan," -u/miistahmojo.

Sometimes, you need proof.

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"My client's husband cheated on her with another woman and he took some photographs of the, ahem, penetration. She found the pictures on the husband's computer but his face was not in any of them. So during a deposition, I had to ask him if the penis in the photographs belonged to him, and he said he wasn't sure," -u/Its_Moops.

The divorce lawyer got it the worst.

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"I was once told a story where said lawyer was brutally attacked by a client's former spouse. Apparently, the former spouse blamed the divorce attorney for 'taking him to the cleaners in the divorce.

Lawyer was at the grocery store doing his weekly food shopping with his wife and kids when he was savagely beaten," -u/AJAMG.

Not everything is as it seems.

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"One time we worked really hard on a woman's case because her husband had gotten on a bus to Mexico with her kids.

We expedited everything, I went above and beyond for this woman.

It turns out our client had stabbed her husband because he confronted her about sleeping with his brother," -u/bey5ever

These things happen.

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Reddit user AfghanHokie said that while working with family law, they had dozens of cases from military spouses that wanted to divorce because the wives came out of the closet after their kids had grown up and moved out. It happens more often than not.

Well, he's making money.

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Reddit user Cheezmergency said that his client was still living with his wife while they were getting a divorce. And, he would call the lawyer all the time to complain about little things. And, he was charging $250 an hour all the times he called.

All about video games.

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"I saw a mother and father live together and fight over the location of the Xbox and WIi.

The father took the games from the living room and put them in his bedroom. The children then spent all the time in the father's bedroom.

The mother literally went to court to obtain an order that the xbox and WII be returned to the living room," -u/uodgunz

The husband, the gambler.

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"The guy would write ridiculous checks to the local casino ($20k, $30k, even $100k+) all the time. The wife admitted to going with him to the casino each time, but said she only played the penny slots and had no idea he was spending that much money," -u/jlhc55.

Nickel and diming.

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Reddit user JournalofFailure said that the case had the husband's statement of property listing literally all of the food in the kitchen as of the date. Some of them were even cans of soup labeled for less than $1. And, he was serious!

That's one way to get back at her.

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Reddit user king_hippo77 said he knew a guy who owned a lot of land, and he ended up losing his house to his ex-wife. But, instead, he turned the entire neighborhood into industrial factories and his ex now lives amongst them.


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"As a law clerk (now am lawyer), I worked on a case where the Husband held the car keys out of reach of the wife, so she could not leave. The wife, climbed the husband's arm and bit it. The classic divorce turns domestic violence case," -u/passenjare.

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