Christopher Lloyd And Michael J. Fox Reunite 36 Years After 'Back To The Future'

No matter how much time has passed since Back To The Future first excited our imaginations, our appreciation and admiration for Michael J. Fox remains as strong as ever.

Between his legacy as an actor, his candidness about his journey with Parkinson's disease, and his passionate activism for making the lives of those who share his condition easier, it's clear that Fox has done a lot to impress us.

So naturally, we love to see him having a good time and that's all but guaranteed to happen when a particular old friend finds his way back into the icon's life. And as luck would have it, it seems that's exactly what just happened.

Fox and his *Back To The Future* costar Christopher Lloyd are both legends in their own right but it's clear that the blockbuster series was an important chapter in both of their lives.

After all, how many of us can say that we had the opportunity to take part in something timeless?

But based on the way they've been hanging out in recent years, it seems that the celebrated trilogy also gave the two actors quite the enduring friendship.

And on August 23, excited fans were treated to the latest of their reunions courtesy of some coy Instagram posts.

It's a little unclear as to where the two met up and what exactly was happening in the background, but it definitely looks like they had a good time catching up.

But while Lloyd's photo inspired some curiosity, the one that ended up on Fox's account captured a vibe that's cool and wholesome all at once.

Posted alongside the caption, "Back to back," it shows the pair hanging out in the back of a golf cart 36 years after the first Back to the Future movie came out.

It may not be a DeLorean and it probably can't go 88 miles per hour, but anything's possible when Doc Brown's in town.

Fans with good memories will recall that this isn't the first time Fox and Lloyd have reunited recently.

According to People, they were brought together just last year for a poker tournament to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

So while Lloyd likely saw this as a perfect opportunity to reunite with his old buddy, he also showed his support for some of his friend's most important work.

Here's to many more reunions to come!