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Dad Shares Clever Way He Got His Kids To Clean Their Bedroom

If you're a parent with teenagers in the house, there's probably one phrase you find yourself repeating above all others: clean up your room! It's a constant power struggle and it can be infuriating having to constantly remind your teen to keep their rooms tidy.

Now, thanks to the clever ingenuity of one fed-up father, you need never worry about messy bedrooms again. Have a look below to discover the clever hack that will 100% guarantee that your kids will clean up after themselves from here on out.

Let's be honest with each other — teenagers are absolutely disgusting.

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I'm speaking in generalities here, so don't get your feathers ruffled. I also include my former teenage self in that blanket statement, so don't think I'm not speaking from experience. The fact of the matter is that most teens are more than comfortable living in their own filth.

If you happen to be a clean-freak parent simply shutting the door behind you and pretending the mess isn't there isn't an option. But how do you make your teen pick up after themselves without constantly feeling like you're butting heads?

Thanks to a moment of brilliance from father Chad McHunt, there may now be a solution.

Before we go any further, let me first point out that this will require some clever deception on your part. You may not like it at first but if you're the type of parent who can comfortably tell your child that a giant rabbit brings chocolate at Easter or that a fat man squeezes his giant red butt down the chimney come Christmas ā€” you'll be just fine.

Chad begins his Facebook post by explaining how he was constantly fighting with his teenage kids about their dirty rooms.

"Iā€™m always arguing with them about not eating in their room, returning dirty dishes to the kitchen," Chad explained. "I threatened that they're going to end up with a mouse in their room that will brings[sic] friends to the house."

Despite Chad's warning, his kids continued to treat their rooms like trash bins. This behavior continued for weeks on end until Chad finally reached his breaking point.

"I got tired of singing the same song and decided to teach them a lesson," Chad said.

Chad knew that drastic measures were necessary if he truly hoped to correct his children's behavior. So he got in the car, drove down the street to the Whole Foods store, and bought himself a large bag of black rice.

For those of you who have ever had a mouse in your home, you probably know what I'm about to say next. If you haven't, let me spell it out for you: black rice looks literally identical to mouse poop.

Chad's next move once he arrived home was to take the newly bought bag of black rice up to his teens' bedrooms.

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Chad explained how he sprinkled the black rice grains in his kids' closets, under their beds ā€” he even went so far as to put some in their sheets! Needless to say, they were absolutely terrified. According to Chad, the black rice quite literally "scared the [expletive] out of them."

It should probably go without saying, but Chad's teens no longer kick up a fuss when it comes time to clean their room.

The post has since gone viral, receiving 4.5K comments and just under 90K shares!

As you can see from the comments, most parents have no problem lying to their children if it means that their rooms will be clean from here on out. Not only did people find Chad's playful prank hilarious, but they also couldn't wait to try it out for themselves.

I'm definitely doing this," wrote Facebook user Drika Adams. "An[sic] we live by the woods to[sic] but I wonder if they have bigger ones like this in the picture because I always tells[sic] my kids about them gopher rats lol."

So the next time your kid talks back to you and refuses to clean their room — you'll know what to do.

Just head on down to your local grocery store and ask one of the employees where you can find a bag of black rice. It might sound like a bit of a cruel prank at first but just try and remember the valuable life lesson your imparting to your child. Remember that a poop-filled room today means a clean room tomorrow ā€” and for as long as they happen to be living in your home.

Would you try Chad's black rice prank on your kids? Leave a comment and let us know!