People Are Sharing The Little Things That Make Them Unreasonably Irritated

Everyone has their very specific pet peeve, the tiny, inconsequential thing that makes them mad beyond belief. People who talk with food in their mouth, the way busses are always late, or a certain celebrity just existing online. It can be anything!

A Reddit post asked people to share the things that make them unreasonably angry, and boy did people deliver.

Constant ringing.

Unsplash | Austin Distel

"The phone ringing at work. It does constantly," answered one user.

To which another added on, "People who do not silence their computer sounds or mobiles at work. I don't want to hear the 'tap tap tap' when I send you a message on Slack."

No consideration.

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"People who are walking out of a shop and then suddenly decide to stop smack bang right outside blocking the [expletive] door."

"Anyone who sucks at walking infuriates me," said one reply. "Especially when there's like two or three people taking a whole sidewalk side by side. Sort of just waddling around without thinking that maaaaybe there's people behind them that want to get around."

No one asked.

Unsplash | Charles Deluvio

"Unsolicited and/or condescending advice."

I agree with this one wholeheartedly. Most people give advice with good intentions, wanting to help the other person, but if they didn't ask for it, don't say anything! Especially if it's something they're happy about, just let them be happy.

To continue that point...

Pexels | Gary Barnes

Backpacking off the last response was this comment: "Worse than that, people who ask for advice, but automatically reject whatever is said to them."

"Those people aren't looking for advice," another person clarified. "They're looking for validation to do the thing they already decided that they want to do."

Get to the point.

Unsplash | Conscious Design

"Recipes that start with an essay about the author."

I'm just trying to see what I need to make to make this roast beef recipe, okay? I don't need to read paragraphs about the Christmas dinner you had when you were seven in which your grandma made this same recipe. Though I'm sure it was lovely.

This could have all been avoided.

Unsplash | Tom Rogerson

"When people leave the bathroom stall unlocked and I end up walking in on them. I'm in the wrong but rage always fills me that they should have locked the door and saved us both from that embarrassment."

Taking matters into your own hands.

Unsplash | Marjan Blan

"People with trolleys chatting in the middle of the aisle, while blocking it for everybody else," answered one person.

Another replied and shared a potential solution, "My husband gets so mad about this that he now just moves people’s carts when they’re in his way."

Make it make sense.

Pexels | Pixabay

"Banks. Why the [expletive] would an institution that almost all people are required to use have shorter hours than an average job."

"I'll add government facilities to that," added someone else, going on to specify the DMV though it can be applied to all government buildings everywhere.

Racing to the front.

Unsplash | Nabeel Syed

"People that move out of a lane so they can secure first place at a red light then drive like a [expletive] funeral procession," complained one user.

Another added, "Similar to this: people who sit there and pressure the light, constantly rolling forward little by little and going way over the line, only to drive like a grandma when it actually does turn green. Bro are you in a hurry or not, you can't be both!"

Familial strife.

Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

One user complained, "My mother-in-law says ‘HUH?’ and interrupts people a lot. It sounds like a [expletive] goose honking."

Another felt similarly about their own mother-in-law, "Mine butts in mid-conversation to either ask what we’re talking about or start an entire new conversation. This is when we’re having a conversation with her. Or she’ll turn away and start talking to someone else while I’m still mid-sentence."

I can't help but wonder if the issue is the interrupting, or the mother-in-laws.

Give it a purpose.

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"Loudness for loudness sake. I understand why fire alarms are loud and don't hold that against them. My intensely aggressive microwave, on the other hand, is very close to being replaced simply because it ages me 6 weeks every time I warm something up and can't just stand there to press 'stop' at 3 seconds left. This also applies to people. If you start yelling for no [expletive] reason I am walking away."

Not opening up.

Pexels | George Milton

"When people tell me I'm shy or quiet. No. I'm simply uncomfortable. I can be very loud and extroverted in a comfortable environment surrounded by people I'm comfortable with, but that's obviously not what I'm doing right now if I'm shy and quiet."

No-call list, please.

Unsplash | Taylor Grote

"Unsolicited phone calls! Stop calling my number and not leaving a message and if I do answer, you hang up! Go to hell, get a real job loser!"

The replies to this quickly expanded to apply to all forms of useless calls, namely scam calls and telemarketers.


Unsplash | Kreative Kwame

"People snapping at me to get my attention. Like literally, when people snap in my face as if I'm a dog or something just makes me so mad."

Knowing this still happens is so baffling. How can you do this to someone and not feel like the biggest tool on planet earth?

Multiple hazards.

Pexels | Jean van der Meulen

"Cupboards being left open at head height," said one respondent, highlighting the physical aspect of the act.

"Or any cabinet door left open. How can you just sit there and be comfortable leaving the door standing open like that you monster?!" replied another, choosing to focus on the morality of it.

Clear the way.

Pexels | Mike

"Trying to cook and someone is always in the way of a drawer I need or the sink."

This one seems pretty widely shared. Outside of the many replies that agreed, almost everyone I know hates it when someone else is in the kitchen with them, myself included.

Whenever and wherever.

Pexels | Suzy Hazelwood

"When people litter out their car windows. Especially cigarette butts."

How does anyone still do this? How does anyone still litter in general? After all we've been taught and how often it's drilled into our heads as kids to not litter, you still choose to? You deserve all the shame.

Couldn't get worse.

Unsplash | Szabo Viktor

"Loud chewing noises, especially if you're an open-mouthed chewer, double especially if you're also a lip smacker."

This is perhaps one of the world's most common pet peeves. If you still do any of these things, I don't know what to tell you.

Tall tales.

Pexels | Sora Shimazaki

"Whenever somebody tries to sound like they are more educated on a topic than you yet it’s obvious they only have surface level knowledge of said topic," explained one comment.

This one is so strange, because they clearly want to impress people, but not enough to actually research the topic. It's very supercifial.

Alone together.

Pexels | Leah Kelly

"Going outside and seeing other people who are also outside."

Ah, a pet peeve we can all agree with. When I go outside, it's because I want to enjoy the outdoors by myself, not see a bunch of pesky people!

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