People Are Sharing Common Misconceptions That Make Them Angry

People oftentimes say things that they hear or believe, but are actually things that are untrue. These things are called "misconceptions," or a view that is truly incorrect and wrong.

Many times in society, there are people who have tons of misconceptions but argue against being wrong. And, it can piss a lot of people off who know that they are 100%, in fact, wrong.

You can change your views.

Unsplash | Magnet.me

"The idea that you are a flip-flopper if you change a long held idea, concept, or assumption when newer or more accurate information is presented to you.

That being said, if you are a rational person who doesn't let your ego consume you with ideas, then changing a view isn't personal but logical," one Reddit user shared.

Anxiety is more than what you think.

Unsplash | Christopher Ott

Another person shared that they get angry when people think that anxiety and panic attacks are just feeling "slightly stressed."

Panic attacks, oftentimes, for many people, feel as though they are about to drop dead and they cannot control their bodies or their minds at all.

Cramping before swimming.

Unsplash | Todd Quackenbush

"I was barred from participating in a school swimming race because I ate some chocolate beforehand and a teacher caught me. She said I would get a cramp and die and I had to wait 20 minutes," shared one Reddit user. This happens to be a myth about eating and swimming.

The purple tea cup is a hassle.

Unsplash | Skylar Sahakian

A Disney worker shared that many people have a misconception about the purple teacup at Disney World on the teacups.

Apparently, people believe it spins faster than all the others and they fight over it. In fact, it does not.

Wipes shouldn't be flushed.

Unsplash | Jan Antonin Kolar

"Flushable wipes aren't flushable. Toilet paper breaks down easy in water, but you ever seen a baby wipe rip up? Those things just end up clogging pipes and ruining the sewers. Hell, New York (Sorry, LONDON. My bad.)found a huge mass of those things (along with a bunch of other junk) the size of a bus in the sewers thanks to those wipes," said another person.

They are all different.

Unsplash | Patrick Fore

Another Reddit user shared that nothing bothers them more than people who do not understand that race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality are all different things.

Sometimes, people get this mixed up and can't understand people's identity—or even their own.

No one was burned at Salem.

Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

"I haven't met too many people who believe this (I do live in New England though) but nobody was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. 19 people were hung, and one man was pressed to death, but nobody was burned," a New Englander shared.

Color blind people are not actually color blind.

Unsplash | Robert Katzki

Another Reddit user said that they hate when people assume if you are color blind it means you see only in black and white.

In fact, it means that you cannot see certain colors well, but you can still see colors.

Work flow isn't all the same.

Unsplash | Avel Chuklanov

"This concept that seems to float around the office that having free time and not working on something constantly means you're lazy and not a hard worker. If you get all of your daily tasks done in an hour, but spend the rest of your time relaxing and working on a side project, you're a slacker," said one person.

Babies do have homes.

Unsplash | Omar Lopez

"Babies placed for adoption at birth in the US DO NOT go into foster care. There’s a waiting list at least 36 people long for each newborn placed for adoption. That’s why it’s expensive. That’s why people go overseas to adopt," shared another.

Acne isn't about "cleaning your face."

Unsplash | Amanda Dalbjörn

One person said they wished people would understand that acne isn't from the amount of time you spend on washing your face and cleaning off your makeup.

In fact, many people have acne due to DNA and just genes.

Mental illness is deeper than you think.

Unsplash | Anthony Tran

"That all people with mental disorders are "scary, unstable, and dangerous." There are high-functioning people and then there are low-functioning people with disorders. Some of the greatest people I know have mental disorders whom are high-functioning and are able to live normal day-to-day lives," one person admitted.

Success isn't just money.

Unsplash | Jingming Pan

One person shared that they are tired of being told they are unsuccessful if they are not monetarily rich and wealthy. There are way more ways to measure success rather than money and wealth.

Chicago has nothing to do with wind.

Clay Banks on Unsplash

"Chicago is no more windy than other cities. It's called "the windy city" because of the politicians (but no one knows exactly who coined that, possibly Mark Twain). Everyone asks how windy it is here, and I always have to explain it," another person shared.

There's no easy way to lose weight.

Unsplash | Christina Victoria Craft

One person shared that many people look for easy ways out to lose weight and get skinny, but there is actually no pill to make it work. In fact, diet and exercise and a solid sleep schedule helps it.