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Tweets From Parents Who Are Raising Teenagers That We Can All Relate To

Raising teens and totally stressed out? You're not alone.

It's one of the most difficult times to be a parent. Their bodies are changing, they're less interested in spending quality time with you, and the hormone-fueled mood swings aren't fun.

Thankfully, you can seek comfort with these 19 tweets from parents who know the struggle of raising teens all too well!

The short film

Yep, every day can feel like a battle when you're raising teens.

Whether it's them sneaking out late at night, giving you attitude, or arguing against completing their chores, this is a film we'd rather miss.

The messy room

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"You think your kid's room is bad? I watched our Roomba go in the doorway of my teen's room - looked both ways, and turned right back around and left," this Twitter user wrote.

The social media feed

As you grow older, your humor changes. So what's funny to your teen may result in fake laughter from you. This mom should consider herself lucky that her teen wants quality time, though!

The ghooost

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"Having a teenager is like living in a haunted house: every now and then you'll see a figure in the corner of your eye, hear moaning, and then a door,' this Twitter user wrote

The stomachache.

It's the oldest trick in the book! Wanna know why? Because parents themselves used it, too.

And faking our period so we wouldn't have to run laps in gym class. Or using a hairdryer to fake a fever. Ah, to be a teen again.

The book on teenagers


"Stay tuned for my next book all about raising a teenager that will be entitled, 'I don't know what time it starts or where I'm going or who's going to be there and I'm annoyed you're so concerned over minor details,'" this Twitter user wrote.

The text

Certain parents expectations were certainly off when they gifted their teen with a phone. While they wanted to send sweet texts and gab throughout the day, their teen had other ideas. To be a food critic!

The hypocrite

"How is it that my teenager feels free to scroll through my phone, check out my entire camera roll and read every last one of my text messages, but has a literal stroke if I make eye contact with her lock screen?" this Twitter user wrote.

The surprise

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"My teenager just unloaded the dishwasher without being asked," this Twitter user wrote. "She’s either done something wrong or it’s the goddamned apocalypse." It certainly sounds like hell has frozen over to us!

The ungratefulness


"The look of boredom on my teenager’s face when I ask him to do anything for me," this mom wrote.

"Yeah I was bored when I was in labour for days too but it got much more exciting when they cut me open because you were asleep and decided to disengage. HAPPY DAYS."

The suspicious act

This parent has every right to be suspicious! It's not every day (or any day, really) that a teen does chores without being asked a million times.

Maybe they know they messed up and they're punishing themselves?

The hairbrush

"My teenage daughter just walked in my room and said, 'Mom, if you take my hairbrush can you please remember to put it back?" this mom tweeted.

"I just looked at her and laughed and laughed and laughed until she slowly backed out of the room."

The desperate mom

"My daughter went back to college today and I texted her that I missed her so much and she texted back 2.5 hours later, 'Yes.' Then, 'Sorry, that wasn’t for you.' I WAS IN LABOR FOR 14 HOURS," this parent tweeted.

The starving teen

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"My teen is starving. The only thing he’s ate today is a bowl of cereal, 5 sandwiches, 12 granola bars, a rotisserie chicken..." this mom tweeted. Ugh, if only we had that fast metabolism again!

The list

We can add quite a few more on there: talk too long to their friends, try to be like the "cool" parent, refuse to let them walk out of the house dressed in barely any clothes.

The list goes on!

The two-minute warning

"I remind my teen daughter to brush her teeth, style her hair, change her outfit 4 times, bake homemade banana bread, finish a 4 page assignment, and text 12 friends by telling her we are leaving in 2 minutes," this mom tweeted.

The mess

Remeber Monica's messy closet in Friends? Well, this is kind of like that. It's a "don't look, don't tell" policy in most households with teenagers. Opening those doors feels a lot like opening the gates of hell.

The bribe.

"'Mom, have you lost weight?' is teenager for 'I broke something really expensive that you don't know about yet,'" this mom tweeted. We know it's a lie because all we've been eating is Doritos!

The room service

At least tip if you're going to do this! On the bright side, it's probably better that teens leave their mess for their parents to clean up rather than let it fester and grow mold in their rooms.