Cute Crochet Road Mat Is The Perfect Addition To Any Playroom

Crocheters can make anything.

From giant coral reefs to plant hangers, crocheters turn yarn into works of art. One crocheter on Etsy decided to point their crochet hooks at making practical things for kids to play on, and the result is a car-lover's dream!

Well, this is adorable.

Created by Etsy shop MagicKnitShop, this crocheted play mat is the perfect gift for any kid who loves cars! (Or the movie Cars, let's be honest.)

It looks so comfy.

Since it's handmade with polyester yarn, this play mat is as comfortable as it is cool. Little knees won't get skinned crawling all over this mat, that's for sure.

It's a good size, too!

This mat comes in at 39 inches long — that's 3.25 feet — and 23 inches wide — almost 2 feet. There's lots of room to race, play, and crawl!

You can get it on Etsy.

The race track play mat is available from MagicKnitShop on Etsy for $72. With multiple 5-star reviews, it's definitely a parent favorite!

What play mat would you get for your child? Let me know!