Reddit Users Share Their Go-To Hacks That Solve Everyday Problems

Life is hard. Let's make it easier.

In a Reddit post, Redditors were asked to share some of their best lifehacks. From doing dishes to making friends, people provided their absolute best and favorite tricks to navigating the world.

I have to say — these are some damn good tips, guys. Let's dive in.

Car keys are damn helpful.

Unsplash | Daniel Andrade

"When you need to remember to bring something with you, put your car keys on it the night before."

I LOVE this tip. It's great for those of us who would lose our heads if they weren't attached to our necks.

This trick has saved me MULTIPLE times.

Unsplash | Egor Myznik

"When you park at a huge parking lot, take a photo of the nearest parking location sign with your cellphone camera. That way, you won't forget that you parked at H43 near the East exit and waste 30 minutes trying to find your car."

Need to wake up? Chase coffee with a nap.

"Caffeine takes [about] 15-20 minutes to kick in. If you are feeling really tired, drink a cup of coffee and then take a light, 15-20 minute nap. You will wake up incredibly refreshed and awake"

This is a kitchen game-changer.

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"Do the dishes whilst cooking instead of waiting around. Leaves the majority of the dishes done by the time your food is cooked."

Exactly. It's so much easier than staring at a mountain of dishes and sighing.

Go check your saran wrap box.

Unsplash | Hanson Lu

"On the ends of every box of aluminum foil there are tabs to push in that keep the roll from popping out; same for cling film. You're welcome."

Bet you didn't know that one.

I use this hack daily.

"If there's something I need to do but am procrastinating, I find something else I also need to do that's even more of a chore. I can then put off doing the second thing by doing the first."

Students: you're welcome.

Unsplash | Green Chameleon

"If you are charged with writing a lengthy research paper, find one very solid source that directly pertains to your thesis, and then you can use that source's bibliography to back into locating new sources."

This is a crucial tip for partiers.

"While pre-gaming or preparing for a night out, ensure that there is at least a pint of fresh water next your bed. You are unlikely to think of this when you get in and it will help you immensely in the night/morning."

A promise is a promise.

"If there's something big I want to get done, I tell all my friends I'm going to do it. The fear of looking like an ass helps keep me motivated."

Food prep is kind of key to time management.

Unsplash | Pixzolo Photography

"Make the guts of your sandwiches for the whole week on Sunday. Sandwich your meat, mayo, mustard in between two slices of cheese, pop each one in a ziplock. On your way out the door in the morning, toss in two slices of bread and you're good to go."

Simple chemicals make the best cleaners.

Unsplash | Crema Joe

"Vinegar - for cleaning almost anything around the house that you would usually clean with an 'all purpose cleaner' spray. Disinfects surfaces. The acetic acid (which causes the smell) and water evaporate to leave surfaces smell-free."

Get your morning routine timed perfectly with a playlist.

Unsplash | Omid Armin

"The playlist was exactly as long as I had in the morning and went from chill songs to more energetic. Throughout my morning routine, I could always tell how I was doing on time by the currently playing song."

This hack works great if you actually hang your clothes up.

Unsplash | Duy Hoang

"Putting my clothes in my closet with the hangers reversed once a year. As I pull clothes out, I reverse the hanger. Every year I give away any clothes that I never took out."

Keep your keys on a lanyard.

Unsplash | Wassim Chouak

"Have your keys on a lanyard, easier to find in a messy room and allows you to get a good swing if you need to throw them to someone."

Introverts: try this.

"People are selfish in a way. They like talking about themselves. People will like you if you ask them questions about themselves. My dad's solution to this is to flood people with questions, no matter how mundane they are. I have to say it works."

(I've done it. It works great, AND I learn a lot!)