15+ People Who Figured Out Tricks We Should All Learn From

The world can be a tricky place to navigate sometimes...well, a lot of the time actually. However, people are always managing to find new tricks to make life easier — or just more fun — for themselves.

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 15+ people who figured out tricks we should all learn from!

"A Tesla equipped with a 'Range Extender.'"

So, does this now mean that this Tesla is technically a hybrid? Sort of defeats the purpose I guess.

"Smoke detector broke so if I hear this bad boy popping in the middle of the night it's time to leave."

This is a much more delicious alternative to the regular smoke alarm as well. Now you get a little snack while escaping a burning building!

"Pretend that money isn't an issue for becoming a responsible adult."

Wait, does that mean that there are people out there who don't live like this? I thought everyone was always in constant fear...guys?

"Heeeeeeey, that's a great deal!"

While this may seem like a genius business move, one other person did point out that, "Everybody is somebody's kid, but not everybody is a minor. This deal could be more expensive than they think."

My Dog Doesn't Bite, He Throws Bricks!

This dog is clearly taking the fight against mailmen seriously. Other dogs are still just barking as a deterrent, this fella is taking things to the next level!

"A brewery near me decided to name their newest beer after a recent email they received."

And yes, that person on the can is the manager, as another comment explained, "The person on the can is someone who started at the brewery as a server and worked her way up to GM. The email was about her; she didn't allow a customer to stay in the facility because they refused to wear a mask, and the subsequent email was from said customer."

"Best way to make money!"

Seems like a legitimate idea. I always take my financial advise from random flyers loosely taped to trees, it's a great way to live!

"How to make the perfect cake for someone when you don't know how old they are..."

Actually, I think that I would like this cake regardless of if people know how old I actually am, just keep my age a constant mystery.

"Painters had to mask off the pantry but still had our backs."

Good to see that these guys are looking out for the snacky people amongst us. I can't go five minutes without some item of food to pick at.

"How to get your roommate to clean up."

This is wonderfully deceitful! But, by God, you know that it will be extremely effective!

"We recreate artworks everyday and here's a personal favorite recreation we've done...enjoy."

I wish that I could teach my dog to recreate classic works of art, but all he wants to do is sleep and eat...and, in fairness, I can't blame him.

"For shame LinkedIn, for shame!"

And to betray the trust of a man of the cloth as well, how unbelievably disrespectful LinkedIn!

"We recently got a German Shorthair Pointer puppy. Our cat's safe space has been upstairs. Today, pup figured out how to climb the stairs. The cat is NOT happy!"

That is a cat that is fast becoming aware that its life will never quite be the same again. Never again will it be able to relax!

"Found an interesting recipe in an old cookbook my Grandmother gave me..."

This is perfect for when you have an elephant in your cupboard that has just been lying there for ages. Now you can finally put it to use!

"Great, I've been looking for a place to sacrifice children."

Yeah, I don't know if this is meant to be a warning against sitting children on this fence, but it looks like they are advocating for you to feed your young to the alligators!

"How to stop your little dog from escaping the garden!"

Foiled by a wooden spoon, that's got to hurt. Now their dog can double up as a kitchen utensil though, which is a bonus!

"Was going through old family files and found this lovely keepsake, written by my eldest sister..."

Reddit | ig_gnome_iniousa

I can imagine that God must have to field a lot of these kinds of calls on a daily basis. I wonder if he leant a helping hand.

"This cat figured out how to open the toilet to drink from it."

It actually looks a little more like this toilet managed to figure out how to eat the cat. It's clearly learned a thing or two from a Venus Flytrap.

"My cat got stuck today."

You can tell that this cat is thinking, "Yep, this was probably a mistake. I'd better scream until someone comes and helps me." Fortunately, the person who posted this did explain , "a dog chased him up there and he meowed at me for like 10 mins. I was going to get a ladder and he was climbing in reverse down it was nutty. I was scared to climb the ladder so I'm glad he came down."

"Pretending to be a sophisticated, tea-drinking adult while in a Zoom meeting, when really..."

"Louise, is that coffee okay? It's just you seem to be crunching it a lot..."

"Oh, crap, is my mic on?"