A Woman Has Gone Viral For Sharing How She Got Worms From Eating Bagged Salads

Bagged and premade salads are an easy fix when you need to grab a quick meal or pack lunch for yourself for the day. While many of us are victims of buying premade salads and letting them go bad in the fridge (yeah, we see you), others actually enjoy having them regularly for a meal.

Recently, one TikTok user has shared that you should be pretty careful about premade salads from here on out.

TikTok user and mom @jquelly shared that she loved bringing these salads to work.

The mom said she struggled for years with an eating disorder, and these pre-made salads were easy to bring to work and always gave her something to eat.

She would have them sometimes twice a day and were the only things she was eating for a while.

However, she started feeling really sick.

Jaqui shared that she began to feel really sick and exhausted. She would nap every day and her stomach hurt so badly.

One day, she was at her son's basketball practice and she went to the bathroom because her stomach hurt that bad.

She shared that she was a bit nervous because she hates going to the bathroom in public like that.

When she went to the bathroom, what she saw was enough to scare her cold.

The mom said that she looked in the toilet and saw actual worms in her poop. Clearly, she panicked and freaked out a bit. There's nothing more traumatizing than finding actual worms coming out of your body.

So, she immediately called her doctor.

The doctor saw her the same day, and they even brought in a specialist.

She claimed that the specialist, an infectious disease doctor, even got excited about the worms (yikes). Turns out, she had a parasite. Jaqui said she knew it was from the pre-made salads because it was "all she had been eating."

The doctor ended up putting her on extremely heavy antibiotics to clear it out.

She warned that after finding the first ones, she found way more.

She told TikTok users that the ones from her first stool were just "the dead ones," and there were tons more that would leave her body when she began taking the medication. So, it was definitely a lot for her to handle. Plus, she felt incredibly ill for days.

However, her insurance would not cover her medication at all.

Despite the doctor and pharmacy advocating for her with the insurance company, they refused to pay for the medication she needed.

So, the mom had to pay $3,000 out of pocket to ensure she got the proper antibiotics that she needed for the worms.

Overall, the experience was a lot. However, she shared some solid advice for others.

Unsplash | Anna Pelzer

While having worms was definitely hard and gross, the mom shares that she isn't trying to turn anyone off to the salads.

In fact, she's trying to get people to be more "conscious" of washing their produce and also listening to their bodies when they do feel sick.

Apparently, the mom is not alone.

TikTok users shared that they, too, had gone through similar things with pre-made salads and that others have too. One user said the salads are recalled often at Walmart and Target due to the issue with bacteria and feces from worms and insects.

While Jaqui knows she got it from the salads, it can really come for anything.

Unsplash | Peter Wendt

Parasites can come from multiple places, not just pre-made salads. So, no matter what you are eating or where you are buying from it's important to ensure you clean it well and thoroughly.

Also, wash your hands and practice good hygiene before meals!