After Spotting A $300 Ball Pit Chair At HomeGoods, A Teacher Makes Her Own Affordable Version

Teachers are so creative!

Lately, we've been sharing some really cool teacher DIYs and hacks, from crayon preferences to pencil tips. However, this teacher DIY has to take the cake for me.

Created by fourth-grade teacher Kristen Vartanian, this DIY involves inflatable chairs and ball pit balls. Yeah, I know it sounds cool. Let's check it out.

Kristen spotted a ball pit chair at HomeGoods.

"I found this ball pit chair and wanted it for my classroom — until I saw the price," she said in her TikTok.

$300 for a flimsy chair made of plastic and balls? I don't think so, HomeGoods.

She decided to DIY it instead.

She picked up an inflatable chair — yes, those are not only back, but they're super easy to find these days — and some polyester zippers. Oh, and balls. Obviously.

She then had to get to work taking apart and reconstructing the chair.

The first step was to use a knife to cut a long strip in the bottom and top of the chair. Then, she sewed zippers in to make sure all the balls stay inside and away from tiny hands!

Then came the fun part.

Kristen stuffed the top and bottom with ball pit balls! She added them in one by one, which looks like it took a while. However, the end result is totally worth it.

Boom, ball pit chair.

I'm just gonna say it: this is even better than the chair at HomeGoods. I like the ball colors more, for one thing. For another? This one has arms!

People LOVED the idea.

Lucinda here is a genius. You could totally put black, orange, and purple balls in there for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas! There are no limits to the awesomeness of this chair.

In fact, the chair was so successful that Kristen wound up making an ottoman.

Her TikTok about the chair garnered her 9.2-million views. People asked her to do even more ball pit things, so she decided to make a matching ottoman, too!

Oh, and she started an Etsy shop selling the chairs.

Kristen now sells the unfilled chairs in her Etsy shop! She cuts the holes and sews the zippers on them for you, so all you need to do is buy the balls.

You can watch her TikTok right here.

Get a closer look at the ball pit chair, and maybe get some inspiration to make your own!

What do you think of this DIY? Would you make a ball pit chair? Let me know!