Schools Can Add Inspiring Messages To Student Bathrooms Using Decals From Etsy

So, what did your school bathroom look like?

My high school bathrooms were... dingy, to say the least. They featured one tiny window, chipped olive green doors that were way too short, and tile floors that had seen better days.

To brighten up their schools' bathrooms — and the lives of their students — some principals and teachers have started decorating their bathrooms!

These days, kids need some serious pick-me-ups.

After the struggles of the pandemic, distance learning, and the general state of the world, kids need encouragement and love more than ever. Etsy to the rescue!

One Etsy shop created the perfect way to give kids some more fun in their lives.

TakingItPersonallyAZ created removable, school-friendly decals to put on school bathroom doors. The doors can boast things like, "Believe in yourself," and "Have courage and be kind."

Teachers love them.

"These were for our bathroom doors at school which are very old and boring. Instant wow statement!"

Honestly, I'd rather have a fun bathroom door than a boring one!

This is such a great idea.

School should be fun, including the bathrooms!

If you want to order your own, you can pick up small or large decals — the dots are optional — on Etsy!