Wife Finds Husband's Tinder Profile, Proceeds To Make Fun Of His Pic Choices

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit

Tinder is a now very well known app for those looking to peruse the local dating pool and find people they could potentially click with.

However, there are some people on Tinder that really shouldn't be. Like, oh, people who are already married and are doing it behind their spouse's back? When one woman was told her husband was on Tinder without her knowledge, she decided to get back at him by roasting his photos publicly for the world to see.

Stories of partners cheating and the discovery of said cheating run rampant online.

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Though it's never a fun situation to be in, there are those who use the opportunity to really get back at the one who cheated on them, humiliating them in whichever way they see fit.

That's what Heather Palazola, or TikTok user @missfits300, did.

When she was sent photos of her husband's Tinder profile by another woman, she decided to go through his photos and critique ever single one, then upload the video she made to TikTok.

The video has almost 3 million views, and over 500k likes.

"The moment we've all been waiting for, here is my husband's Tinder," she begins.

"So this is his profile picture. The first one you see," she says before revealing the image. She looks shocked for a moment, then says, "You can't take pictures of yourself from that high up, Pete. You're too short. It shows how short you are, your short arms are showing. Put them away. Put them away, for the love of god you're making me look bad!"

She has a laugh before moving onto the next photo.

"I'm honestly upset because the amount of good pictures I've taken of this man...you have so many options."

She then reveals the second photo, "What is this? A low quality selfie in a dark room? Come on. Do better."

In the new shot for the third photo, she's laughing before she even shows it.

"Oh my god," she starts in a high-pitched voice, sounding almost embarrassed while still finding it funny. After showing this photo, she spends a few seconds laughing off camera.

"No! Not the chain, Pete! Not the [expletive] chain!"

In the next shot she's wiping away tears from laughing so much.

"Oh my god, anyways, the only reason I have these is because a lovely lady only swiped on him so that if they matched she could tell on him. Here's what he sent her."

She then shows a series of messages that Pete sent this mystery woman. "What did he say?" Heather asks, sounding as confused as we all feel looking at these texts.

All in all, she seems in pretty good spirits given the circumstances.

"The jokes write themselves, the trash takes itself out, ladies and gentlemen I hope you are having a great day because mine is [expletive] after seeing this. It's— thank you, thank you."

She signs off the video with, "And to the girl who sent me these screenshots, you know who you are, I love you. I love you! Amazing. Love to see it."

You can watch for yourself, but be warned she uses some rather heated language!

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