Apparently, We've All Been Wearing Those Travel Pillows The Wrong Way

When was the last time you traveled? It's been a while, right? For me too, my friend. So I can vaguely remember trying to catch some z's on the plane and feeling rather uncomfortable. Even the travel pillow doesn't seem to help.

But wait, there's a good chance we've been using that pillow the wrong way. You've got to check this out.

I tell you, I love to travel, but I don't enjoy the part of sitting on the plane for hours.

I'm the kind of person who likes to move a lot, so planes make me feel restricted, and my legs start to hurt.

And then, when I try to fall asleep, I can never get comfortable.

Even when I use a travel pillow, my head seems to just bop from side to side. What am I doing wrong? Well, as it turns out, it could be my pillow.

It's not really the pillow but the way you place it.

A man recently posted on TikTok, and his video pretty much went viral. He claims that the travel pillow shouldn't go at the back of your head. Instead, you should place it in the front.

Um, what? How did I not know that?

Apparently, by flipping the pillow the other way, you can rest your head forward. Which, of course, can result in you getting some actual sleep on the plane.

Wow! This fact could have saved me from so much unnecessary tiredness.

After this video went live, many people were blown away.

I guess I'm not the only one who didn't know about this, ha, ha! I wish somebody would have informed me about this. Shouldn't the company making these pillows enclose a pamphlet or something like that?

Now, if you feel weird about using the neck pillow this way, you're not the only one.

I guess we can all look uncool together from now on, ha, ha! I say, who cares as long as it's more comfortable. Am I right?

Here's why doing it this way works out better.

Hmm, that makes total sense to me. I'm only 5'3, so that's why it feels even more uncomfortable to have the pillow at the back of the neck. Duly noted — I give this advice two thumbs up!

Others have also offered this advice.

If you tilt the pillow slightly, you can rest your head on it even better. Apparently, it's really comfy this way. I have to try that next time I do travel. Now this pillow won't seem so useless, hee-hee.

So, did you know about this travel pillow hack?

Or did you discover it just as I did? Are you willing to try it? I mean, why not? You might look a bit silly and get strange looks, but you'll be the one in on the joke.

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