30 Weird Pics Of Things People Found On Their Travels

I have no idea how people keep finding all of these weird things, but here they are. It's like there are people out there who keep going out of their way to make things they know will throw everyone for a loop.

But who am I to complain? Weird is entertaining, and these pictures certainly fit both descriptions.

From plain to pain.

Sometimes, your bread has something to tell you. And it isn't always good.

I'm sure there's an "L" on the packaging somewhere. I'm sure this bag doesn't actually say "PAIN." But it's still absolutely hilarious when you think about it.

It sums up my morning, in any case.

"Cruella deVille must be in town."

Wow, that really does look like the iconic Disney villain's equally iconic car. This is a really weird thing to drive around in, but it's cool at the same time. It's really neat in an unconventional kind of way.

Adapting to the flood.

Flooding is really rough. All the damage it causes to buildings can be devastating. And while this isn't the most conventional way to travel normally, in the event of a flood, it makes a lot of sense. Still, I'd never in a million years expect to see something like this.

"Goose barnacles on a detached mussel."

Uhh, okay. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of barnacles. They're just so weird-looking, and they get on everything. Including mussels, apparently.

This whole thing looks like a mess. It's like some kind of art piece gone terribly wrong.

"They couldn’t think of one more thing not to do with the scissor lift."

Scissor lifts are, by definition, not safe to use if you don't know what you're doing. It should go without saying what not to do on one, but the fact that this one has a sign with so many banned activities tells me that people have actually tried some of these.

Don't say it.

I love how, in an attempt to keep things wholesome, this store decided to censor the tea brand's name. But, it's still on the label, so it's kind of a moot point.

And really, there are worse words out there than "damn." Is that really going to offend anyone?

"Purple Bell Pepper I Grew."

I... didn't know they came in purple. Is this, like, some kind of eggplant/bell pepper hybrid? Does it taste any different from red or orange bell peppers? I have too many questions for it.

It's just so weird. It feels really unnatural, like it isn't supposed to be that color.

"Melted recycling bin."

So. That's what a recycling bin looks like after it's been melted down. Nice to know.

But, why did it get melted down? Was there a fire? Did someone play a prank that went wrong? Was it just so hot out that even a sturdy plastic bin got overheated?

This stop sign *really* wants you to stop.

I don't know what this sign knows, but it seems like we need to stop it. Stop what, though? Stop driving? Stop littering? Stop being mean to other people on the internet? I feel like we aren't going to get any answers from this stop sign.

"This guy hasn't had his morning coffee..."

Very cute, albeit entirely random. I guess even construction and maintenance people need to have a little fun on the job. Hopefully the person driving that truck isn't as grumpy as the pylon, because that wouldn't be very fun.

"£2 coin with the centre popped out."

Now there's something you don't see every day. I don't usually see a lot of British pounds, and I can say even less of them are... broken.

I think it's kind of funny that this one also just so happens to be two decades old.

"I’m in Saudi Arabia and they sell camel milk in supermarkets."

This is something I never really thought of. I didn't even know you could milk camels. But then again, why not? I'm sure there are people around the world who think it's weird that we milk cows, so this is just par for the course I guess.

A world without Europe.

Somehow, this globe stress ball is missing something pretty important: Europe. I wonder if the manufacturer has it out for the continent or something. Still, you can't just remove an entire land mass. Whether it's on the stress ball or not, it's going to keep existing.

"This vase that I found floating in my pond."

Of all the things you'd expect to find in your pond, I don't think a water jug would be one of them. Outside of the pond? Sure. But inside that's a whole different story.

On the plus side, it looks good all cleaned up like that. You could actually use it for other things.

"Left some gummies outside and this is what happened."

So that's what happens to gummy candy when you drop it on the ground and leave it to get rained on. Can't say I ever needed to know this, but now I do. The worst part is, as gross as that looks, I'm still craving candy.

"This tree growing around a railing."

I've seen plenty of trees completely consume signs or other things hung up on them. But I can safely say I've never seen this before. It's so weird how only a specific part of the trunk decided to grow around the railing, and how it grew so evenly.

"My Stepdaughter's actual hairbrush. That she uses. It looks like it is a hairbrush made of hair."

Oh. My. Gosh. That's plain gross. I just know that this belongs to a teenager, because no one else would leave this much hair on their brush. It takes a few seconds to take the hair off and throw it out, too. Well, in this case, it would probably take hours.

A clock of clocks.

Even if you know how to read an analog clock easily, you're going to have a bit of trouble with this one. All the numerals were replaced with clock faces that represent each hour, and while that seems straightforward in theory, it, uh, looks really confusing.

"If only there was a way the umbrella could have more effectively shielded him from the rain…"

I wonder if this guy, who's holding a closed umbrella over his head while in the rain, knows that he's holding an umbrella. It would be so easy to just, you know, open it up. But no. Some people are really clueless, aren't they.

"My Chinese snack is weirdly aggressive about its crispiness."

I'm torn between whether this is an awkward translation or if they intentionally want people to shut up while eating. I mean, chewing anything with your mouth open is pretty gross, so maybe this brand is offering a somewhat stern guideline? I'd probably do what the packaging says, to be honest.

Where was it? Oh yeah, in the 'stuff' aisle.

I think the funniest thing about this "stuff" aisle is the fact that it's a bunch of drinks. It could've had any other label, but they instead decided on stuff. I mean, it isn't wrong, it just isn't entirely correct, either. There are a bunch of different things that could be considered stuff, after all.

A truck with a typo.

Now this is something you don't see every day (or at least, you don't notice it every day). Look closely at the corner of the truck where it says "Frontier," or rather, "Froniter." Yup, they messed it up. If that were my truck, I'd probably be pretty mad that I spent all that money and they couldn't even spell frontier properly.

"No burning vehicles are allowed."

Well, I sure hope not. For them to specifically state that you can't have a burning vehicle in that parking lot says that it's happened at least a few times. Enough times that they had to go out of their way to make it a rule. And that's only a little concerning.

"The swollen battery on this cell phone forced it open."

I'm not sure how often batteries swell up this badly but... if I were that person, I'd be running. There's no telling what could happen to that battery; it already grew that big, and there's nothing stopping it from growing even more. Or exploding. Which is, uh, pretty bad.

It must be a sign.

Whoever arranged these books is either desperately trying to tell you something, or they've mastered the art of practical jokes.

And really, what are the odds of these two books being right next to one another in any store?

An egg inside of an egg.

From the amount of images I've seen of people cracking an egg open only to find two yolks, and chickens laying weirdly shaped eggs, I shouldn't be surprised at this point. But I've never once encountered a rare egg sighting on my own, so I can't help but feel like they don't happen that often.

"While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant Monopoly board."

There are much worse things to find under your carpet, that's for sure. And while I don't think I'd ever want to use this giant Monopoly board, I can appreciate its existence. Hopefully, when the owners refinish their floors, they leave it be for people to find years in the future.

"This McDonald’s only has one arch."

I've seen McDonald's with different colored buildings, strange signage, and even without the arch altogether. But I've never seen one with a single arch. This is new territory for me.

Honestly, it looks even weirder than if there was no arch at all. It's like we weren't supposed to see this.

"Our toilet has a built in spray gun."

I think bidets are really cool. They could help us conserve a lot of toilet paper.

But this doesn't feel like a bidet to me. It's more like a random nozzle that you can use if you want, but probably won't be the most comfortable thing in the world. Not every idea is a good one.

"A swimming pool with a black liner looks like a death void into Hell."

I think I'd be to afraid to jump in that water. Bodies of water where you can't see the bottom (like oceans) are kind of terrifying. Even though this is just a pool, and pools aren't usually that deep or scary, I still don't like it.