People Share The Smart Ways They Added Extra Space To Their Homes

I've always had to deal with small living quarters. Whether I was living in an apartment or a house, it's been a challenge.

So over the years, I've learned a trick or two to maximize all the space in my cramped home. Today, I wanted to share a few clever ideas that other people have utilized in their homes. Enjoy!

This Unconventional Bed Idea

If you can afford it, why not get an unconventional bed like this one for your kid's room? I love the fact that this one comes with so much added storage. It looks neat and put together. Don't you think?

This Pots And Pans Hanging Rack

We have such a tight space in our kitchen that it's hard to find a place for all our pots and pans. I wish we had an empty area above our stove so we can set up something like this.

This Bookcase With Hidden Storage

Where do you keep all your unsightly things in your house? Is it in a storage room? Well, if you install this bookcase with hidden storage, you don't have to go to the basement. It's right here where you need it.

This TV Console With Storage

Who says you can incorporate some storage around your TV, huh? This amazing console gives you ample storage for all your stuff. I don't know about you, but I would get something like this in a heartbeat.

These Multipurpose Trunks

I'm such a big fan of ottomans and trunks. Not only can they be used for storage, but they also provide comfortable seating. You can pretty much place them anywhere in your house. They're such a smart idea.

This Coffee Table

Speaking of interesting ways of adding extra storage to your home, don't forget your coffee table. Nowadays you can find lots of tables that come with storage. I got one, and it's such a space-saver for sure.

This Workspace Pegboard Idea

If you're always running out of space on your desk, don't worry. Just get yourself a pegboard like this one so you can hang stuff up and free up some precious desk space. I really need to do this, too.

This Headboard With Hidden Storage

There are so many great ways to implement hidden storage to your advantage. For example, you can get a headboard that comes with compartments such as these. Isn't this such a cool idea or what?

This Produce Drawer

Let me ask you: where do you keep all the produce that doesn't need to be refrigerated? How about setting up a dedicated drawer like this one? I would totally do this if I had a spare drawer in my kitchen.

This Under-The-Stair Area

If your house has stairs like these, you might want to consider adding hidden storage to them. Imagine how much stuff you can store here? I'm totally envious of this setup, I have to admit. What a great idea, huh?

This Cord Organization Idea

I don't know about you, but I don't particularly enjoy seeing cables everywhere. So when I saw this idea to hide them behind the TV, I thought it was pretty genius. What do you think of it?

This Hidden Jewelry Storage

Some ladies love to proudly display their jewelry, while others prefer to hide it away. If you're the latter, you might want to get something like this up on your wall. Isn't it such a neat idea?

This Bathtub Storage

OMG, check out this bathtub here. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I can definitely say I haven't. But now that I do I think this is absolutely brilliant. I need to implement this one day.

I hope I've given you plenty of ideas to maximize the space in your small home.

I know I need to implement at least a few of these concepts here. What have you done to save space in your house?