14+ People Who Took Small Town Living To A Whole New Level

Small town life can be a bit of a mystery to some people, and I am probably one of those people. However, sometimes it can be blatantly obvious when someone has grown up in a small town.

So, from truly insane ways that farmers kept crows out of their garden to the world's most terrifying small town mascot, here are 17+ times we could tell people were from a small town.

"The best part of living in a small town is reading stories like this."

Can you imagine how great it would be living next door to someone who was firing a cannon every 10 to 15 minutes in order to scare off crows?

"When this makes the front page of the newspaper, you know you live in a small town."

I know that we've already looked at a small town newspaper, but any story with the headline "Duck spends day supervising work" just has to be included!

Damn It, Doug!

Get told, Doug Hustad. In a small town, this sort of thing can ruin your reputation for good!

"My sister and her husband live in a small town, they came home to this note on their door."

Well, you know what they say: "People in glass houses shouldn't have a shower." I'm fairly certain that's the phrase.

"The local town's theatre."

Someone who lived in a similar town wrote, "I went to college in a puritanical town. Maxim, Cosmopolitan and like magazines were required to be wrapped in black plastic like Playboys. They also were marked 18 and over only. It was bizarre."

Whose Truck Is That?

Life in a small town just seems to get more and more interesting with each one of these we go through. What a strange specialists subject knowing people's trucks by their sound would be.

Small Town News Programs!

Still, it is really impressive that they somehow managed to get Rowan Atkinson to read the weather on this station!

"This notice is hanging in the entrance of a Chinese restaurant in a small town in Mississippi."

I wonder what it is about the hair rollers that particularly annoy the owner of this restaurant? Also, how often was this happening for this sign to be necessary?!

Teaching In A Small Town...

I cannot imagine being a kid in a school where your parent teaches. Christ, that would be unbearable, surely?

"Can you tell I work in a small town?"

I think that Lucy should be able to bring her pigs into work! Nothing would liven up an office quite like some pigs snuffling around!

The Most Official Form Of Notice.

I am also quite confused by the prospect of "Taco John's"? Is that like the lovechild of Taco Bell and Papa John's?

Calling Them Out!

I have never known a convenience store or liquor store to let someone set up a tab. I mean, I guess they know them well enough to be able to call the scoundrels out if they don't pay up though.

The World's Creepiest Mascot!

The bizarre history behind this little fella was explained as such: "In my home town there's a pet shop [that has] this sculpture at the entrance. It's 20 years old and they paint every year with different 'dog breeds'. Last year the administration thought it was too ugly and asked to have it removed. The town fought back and the ugly dog is now back. I love it."

"Small town volunteer fire department."

Because of the typeface, I thought that this read, "Ooo hours," and read it in the voice of Kenneth Williams.

"This is an 'Attractions' signboard on the highway that runs through my home town. It is, sadly, accurate."

I cannot tell whether it would be sadder to just leave it blank or put a "Coming soon!" sign on it.

"While at McDonald's drive thru..."

I mean, this feels a little insensitive, doesn't it? Somehow it looks like this cow knows how out of line this is as well.

"My town's too small to connect with the highway to hell, but we make do."

Well, now we know what road Heckboy lives on though! It's just off Gosh-Darn-It Avenue.

"You know you're driving through a small town when..."

Ah yes, there's nothing more appealing than grabbing a pair of a stranger's shoes from off a fence in the middle of nowhere.

"This was in the daily police report section of my hometown newspaper."

Sure, this might seem a little extreme. However, if someone stole my Oreos, I wouldn't rest until the thief was brought to justice!

"Hardcore graffiti in Idaho!"

This actually started up quite the heated argument, as someone else added, "I Live in Boise, Idaho, They all about their Mozzarella here [...] what city u live in? better watch your back!"