The 'Plant Beading' Trend Has People Using Beads To Decorate Their Houseplants

You know what your plants need? Accessories.

Plant parents absolutely love tricking out their babies with all sorts of cool things, like planters and hanging pots! But one clever Reddit user discovered a new frontier of fun with their plants: PLANT JEWELRY.

Behold: plant beads.

To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. Reddit user myaaagocrazy posted a pic of their plants bedecked in beads to the subreddit Plant_Progress, and users went nuts for the idea.

The secret is this:

You have to pop the beads on while a new leaf is growing! That way, the stem can grow through it and lock the beads in place.

And before you stress about the plants:

As long as the bead's hole is bigger than the stem, your plants should be totally fine! Just keep an eye on it to make sure to pop them on before the leaves appear!

I LOVE the idea of plant jewelry.

Why shouldn't we make plants sparkly, as long as we use materials that are safe for them? It sounds like fun to me!

Life is short, bling your plants out.

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