Man Creates Brilliant Table That Stops Porch Pirates From Stealing Packages

Who here loves receiving packages? Oh, happy day, I say, hee-hee. But isn't it such a travesty when somebody steals that precious package you've been waiting for, huh? Oh my goodness. That's not a good start to the day.

What if you could prevent that from happening to you? That's exactly what this genius TikTok video shows you, and you have to see it ASAP.

Okay, let's be real stealing someone else's packages from the porch isn't cool.

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

Don't do that. But has that ever happened to you? It sucks, I know. But now there's a brilliant way to prevent that, and you won't believe it until you see it.

A popular TikTok page called 'Impossible Science' has come up with an amazing optical illusion.

It fools the eye and the potential porch pirate from stealing your coveted packages. Let's look at it further so you can understand how it works.

It's basically a container that looks like a table that you can put out on your porch.

It's pretty typical unless you know the magic behind it. You see, there's an actual mirror placed underneath it angled at 45-degrees.

What's the trick behind it, you ask?

Under the table, there's a mirror that reflects the opposite side of the doorstep. It makes it look like there’s nothing inside the container.

Aha! I had to look at this a few times to see exactly what they mean.

Now that I see it, I get it.

Check out the video so you can see it for yourself. Isn't it pretty genius or what? I mean, nobody would know that this table is an actual container with packages inside of it.

Just so there's no confusion for the delivery people, there's a note on top of the container.

It tells them to put the packages inside. And there's plenty of room so your parcels will be safe until you arrive to retrieve them.

Needless to say, once this video went on TikTok, folks freaked out.

Most of them thought this idea was totally brilliant. If you've ever had packages stolen before, I bet you would love this concept, too. It marries science with magic, ha, ha!

Although, people also pointed out that now the secret is out.

Oh no! I hope porch pirates aren't watching. We wouldn't want them to get too smart. Now would we, right? Let's just keep this between us because it's such a great idea.

So what's the verdict? Do you love this idea?

Would you buy or build something like this to put on your porch? Honestly, I would do it in a heartbeat. It's so genius. We all need something this clever to deter porch bandits.