Makeup Artist Shares Stunning Before-And-After Photos Of Brides On Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important (and hopefully memorable) days in your life.

That's why makeup artist Arber Bytqi got into the wedding game. He turns brides into the princesses they long to be on their special days, and his work is next level amazing!

Arber specializes in bridal makeup.

He's a makeup artist and beauty influencer with a huge following — 416,000 strong on Instagram —whose main focus is making a bride's wedding day as special as it can be.

They turn into princesses right there in his studio!

This look has to be one of the most stunning bridal looks I've ever seen. The red lip with the purple eyeshadow is a stunning combination. She just glows!

His brides aren't afraid to experiment with trends, either.

"Timeless" doesn't really exist in the makeup world — some thing will always age! Instead, some brides embrace working with trends, like this bride's spiked and defined brows.

He can turn anyone into a princess for a day.

(But all his brides are princesses everyday, let's not lie.)

This soft bridal look was paired with a full, neutral lip. The highlighter shows off her natural glow, and her gorgeous eyes really shine!

I'm so blown away by how he does each bride's eyes.

The way he uses eyeshadow and lashes makes their eyes look so nice and big! I love the matte lip on this bride, it really makes her eyes pop.

This bride's brows needed no help at all.

I love a makeup artist who respects a bold brow and thus leaves them the hell alone. Sometimes, doing nothing is more impactful than trying to force an aesthetic!

A bold red lip is always a good idea.

This bride's lip is absolutely everything! Skin pigmentation and acne aren't a problem for Arber, who can cover up problem areas below the face, too. Body makeup is seriously overlooked in the bridal world!

This look has hidden rhinestones.

And I LOVE IT. You can see them along her brow bone, and now I'm thinking I want rhinestones on my brow bone for my wedding. It adds such a special sparkle!

Arber has no problem covering up skin pigmentation, either.

This bride's red skin wasn't a problem for him. Green concealer cancels out red — never forget that tip!

I am all about her brows, tbh. They were amazing before he even started!

I love that he doesn't shy away from bold lips.

A lot of bridal looks feature neutral lips, and that's fine! But I love that Arber and his brides also go for fun, bold lips that really make a statement.

His brow work can't go unappreciated here.

Many of us aren't blessed with abundant brows, but that's not an issue for Arber. He drew in some gorgeous, full brows for this bride that look like they were there the entire time!

Each bride shines with her chosen look.

Listen, I know we're all about the makeup right now, but can we talk about that cool hair piece? Arber and his team do each bride's hair, in addition to their makeup!

Looking through these transformations really made me think.

While I loved seeing each look and how each bride turned into a princess, I couldn't help but notice that Arber definitely edits his pictures.

What do you think about that?

Do you mind seeing the edited pictures, or would you rather see the raw images? I'm not sure which I prefer, but I do know Arber is insanely talented, even without Facetune.

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