Aunty Acid

Yeehaw! Giddy On Up To This Week's Aunty Acid Hump Day Puzzle

I can't lie to y'all, I don't love the music of today. I know, right? Big shocker! Aunty doesn't love what all the kids of today love. Walt always tries to show me a new country artist he thinks I'll like, but in typical male fashion, he's wrong.

Nonetheless, I am here to educate you all on the 10 BEST country stars of all time with this Hump Day puzzle!

When it comes to classic country, there are few people that compare to Dolly Parton...

Or Patsy Cline, or Tim McGraw, or Johnny Cash! Sure, today's country singers can hold a tune and sing a catchy song, but I love the emotion and cultural impact of country artists gone by.

Now, it's your turn to educate ME on country stars!

Aunty Acid

Are you done yet? I'm getting impatient! I think Faith Hill might be the hardest to find!

When you've found all ten names, let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for joining me, and I'll see you next week!

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