Even Though She's Not Interested, Young Woman Films A Customer Who Keeps Hitting On Her

The life of a server is very different for men and women. For the latter, it means having to put up with lewd comments, inappropriate behavior, and being hit on.

It can be downright degrading, a fact that TikToker @mickey.ruiz knows all too well. Have a look below as she films a customer who keeps hitting on her, even though she's not interested.

The video begins with the strange man asking Mickey if she's still in high school.

The 19-year-old server gives only one-word replies and informs the man attempting to hit on her that she's in college. He then begins trying to press her for information about her school.

When that doesn't work, he tries to steal tip money as a joke.

Thoroughly unimpressed, Mickey proceeds to cash the man out. He eventually pays with his debit card and asks Mickey if she'd like to know his pin.

"I'm good," came her reply.

Persistent as ever, the strange man tries to ask Mickey for her Instagram handle.

Thinking fast on her feet, Mickey quickly informs the stranger that she doesn't use social media. Unfazed and totally unaware, the man then asks Mickey if she'd like to join him for a boat trip on Lake Eerie.

After what feels like forever, the man finally pays his bill and leaves.

Mickey's followers were in absolute shock. A fellow TikTok user wrote, "You literally COULD NOT act more uninterested and he STILL could not take a hint!!!"

What would you have done in Mickey's place? Leave a comment and let us know!