In Heartwarming Moment, Dog Out For A Walk Recognizes Man Sitting On Bench

Rave is a stunning poodle with a knack for making friends everywhere she goes. Not only fellow dog friends, though, but human friends as well. A human friend she considered very dear was her trainer, who she saw throughout the summer of 2020.

After being apart for 10 months, Rave's owner set up a meeting with her trainer, and Rave's reaction is nothing short of heartwarming.

Rave the poodle is a very special girl.

Described by her owner, Kim Carino, as a "total diva," "lover of life," and "angel in the form of a dog," she's a sweet girl with a ton of friends who lives her life to the fullest.

Rave recently got to meet up with an old friend, and her reaction to seeing him was simply adorable.

It all began when Carino decided to get Rave some formal training last year, employing a friend of her late brother who has dog training experience.

They had weekly lessons that lasted all summer long. Carino said that Rave adored her trainer.

Then she graduated, having proved herself as being the best dog she can be.

She hadn't seen her trainer since. That is, until Carino decided to schedule a meetup with him this past week, 10 months after Rave's training ended.

Her trainer agreed to sit quietly on a bench in the park as both wanted to see if Rave would recognize him all on her own.

And recognize him she did.

In the video she walks a few steps past him, before doing a double-take a rushing back when she recognizes who it is, showering him with love.

In an interview with The Dodo, Carino said, "I wanted to see if she would know it was him. I suspected she would ‘cause she is a smart poodle. When I saw the reaction she had to my brother’s friend, I had no doubt how very special she is. It warmed my heart so."

This reunion doesn't end here, though.

Due to Rave's reaction and her overwhelming love for her trainer, he and Carino have decided to make their meetings a regular occurrence going forward.

Which isn't only good for Rave, but her owner too!

“He’s a forever friend of mine and Rave’s,” Carino said. Though she and Rave's trainer already knew each other, Rave being able to bring them closer is a beautiful tale.

And Carino is grateful for it too, saying, "[Rave] is the biggest gift in my life."

h/t: The Dodo

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