Women Online Vent About Annoying Clothing Designs That Men Don't Have To Deal With

Being a woman has always been a struggle. While we have come far in terms of education, employment, and finding independence, there are still some things that highlight the differences between men and women in annoying ways.

One of those ways is through clothes. It might not seem like a big deal, there are undeniable differences in the ways men's and women's clothes are designed. Reddit users recently pointed out some of those differences online and I have to say, these users are on point.

Inconsistent sizing is the WORST.

Unsplash | Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

"I remember when I could just run into a store and grab a pair of jeans because I knew what size fit me. Now I can be a 3 in one brand, 7 in another, etc. Very frustrating."

Super weird athletic clothing.

"Athletic clothing is always bright colors or bizarre patterns. I love dark neutral colors, but they're so hard to find in woman's options. Men's gear doesn't fit me."

I blame LulaRoe for this one.

We have to go to extremes for pockets.

"A friend of mine got married and her wedding dress had pockets. All of us bridesmaids (and I’m sure other women) were jealous of the fact her dress had pockets. Found out later she’d cut holes in the sides and sewed them in herself."

Bad fabric.

Unsplash | Rumana S

"[Expletive] fabric exasperates sizing and price problems for me. I’m tired of seeing things made of polyester priced like they’re made out of silk."


Sewn in tags.

Unsplash | Mnz

"I wish all sewn in tags were done with a separate stitch instead of being sewn into a structurally important seam. I despise when i cut off a scratchy tag and then struggle to get as much of the scratchy leftover off because I can't rip out the seam without ruining the clothing!!"

Awful, tacky graphic tees.

"[...] they have very clichéd slogans, bright colors, 'girlier' designs and such. It kinda sucks for a little girl when who wants a Star Wars T-shirt and all there was 'Diva' slogan shirts."



"Like I don't understand why they don't put pockets on women's pants, or when they do they're like 2" deep. Even worse [is] when they put fake pockets. Like, why take the time to stitch a fake pocket when it could just be a real pocket??"

When all the cute shirts are cropped.

Unsplash | Noah Black

"I’m tired of looking for a shirt that actually covers my belly. I like cute shirts, but i don’t like how revealing they are."

Amen. I love a crop top, but I don't want EVERY shirt to be a crop top.

The fact that this isn't common is so sad.

"I once found a shirt which had an extra button in the space between the regular buttons above the chest area; they were sewn on the inside, so discreet and invisible from outside, but they prevented the gaping hole over the breasts problem."

"Curvy" clothes that aren't available in store.

Unsplash | Jason Leung

"I used to fit American Eagle jeans perfectly as a teenager until I developed a waist and now I gotta use their “curvy” sizing which is great that they have it but they’ll only have 3 curvy sizes in 2 different styles in the store so I’ll have to go online for my good AE jeans now. It’s annoying."

Those random extra straps on everything.

Unsplash | Danijela Prijovic

"Am I the only one that’s hating the extra strap trend on women’s clothes? Bras, shirts, all having these extra pointless straps on the chest or back just because."

See-through clothing.

"See-through shirts. Seriously, I hate that so many shirts in women’s clothing are thin or nearly sheer. I don’t enjoy having to put a tank top under my shirts or having my bra show through."

Jeans that fit in all the wrong places.

Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

"I can either fit them to my waist and they are too tight around my thighs or I can go up a size and they are comfortable around my thighs but too big around my waist. If I wear a belt then they bunch up funny around my crotch area."

Shorts that, you know, function.

"Athletic shorts that are baggy and barely cover your ass. It just took me 2 weeks to find shorts I can wear while doing my pelvic floor [physical therapy] exercises without flashing people."