14 Talented People Who Proved Sewing Your Own Clothes Is Better Than Buying Them

One of the things I wish I could do well is sewing. Somehow I never perfected that craft, so I've never been able to make my own clothes.

That's why I'm even more impressed when I see folks transforming old clothes or scraps into something totally wearable. I have a feeling you might also enjoy looking at these awesome sewing projects.

1. This French Poetry Pleiades Dress

Honestly, when I looked at this dress, I totally thought it was store-bought. The amount of detail on it is really impressive. This is probably the prettiest homemade dress I have seen lately. What do you think?

2. This '60s Inspired Look

If the '60s are your favorite era, you should get a kick out of this. This lady tried to make a '60s-inspired dress from The Queen’s Gambit, and I think she totally succeeded. What a gorgeous number, huh?

3. This Pencil Skirt

Who here loves pencil skirts as much as I do? I think they're so pretty. But to make one from scratch must be quite a feat. So, to say I'm impressed by this would be an understatement for sure.

4. This Fabulous iPad Case

Where are all my Harry Potter fans? I bet you're all going to swoon over this modified book sleeve that got the Potter treatment here. I'm not even that obsessed, and I want one, hee-hee.

5. This Lingerie Set

Lingerie sets can be so expensive. Am I right, ladies? It's pretty crazy since there's so little fabric. So, I really wish I had mad sewing skills like this lady. That way, I could make my own pieces.

6. This Fun Couple

If you could wear a matching outfit with your partner, what style would you choose? This couple is rocking their '50s-inspired numbers here. I love how the man's shirt matches the lady's gown. Don't they look so stylish?

7. This Stunning Prom Dress

Even though prom night might not have happened this year, it didn't stop this lady from making a showstopping dress. She crafted the bodice and the rest of it all by herself. Let's give her a round of applause.

8. These Jeans

How can you make your old jeans look cool? Well, you can do what this lady did here. She embroidered a star map onto these jeans, and I think they look so freaking awesome. What do you think?

9. This Cool Outfit

If clothing from the 1890s is your thing, I bet you'll really love this outfit. Even though this lady took some liberties with the suspenders, the rest of the ensemble is pretty spot-on for the era, no?

10. This Beautiful Coat

As I said before, I so wish I could sew. I mean, look at what this lady made here. She created a beautiful coat. I can't get over it, and it matches so well with her boots, too.

11. This Wedding Dress

Can you imagine if you could make your own wedding dress? Wouldn't that be so spectacular? Well, this lady did it, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love this style, and she didn't even use a pattern. Wow!

12. This Halloween Costume

Oh my goodness, Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? A very talented lady made this fantastic moth Halloween costume for her son.

It's so inspiring to me because I've wanted to make a fallen angel costume, and now I feel more confident about doing it.

13. This Absolute Stunner

If you ever wanted to make an entrance, I think this dress would do it. A very talented lady self-drafted it and made it with LED lights to make it look like the night sky. Amazing!

14. These Matching Shirts And Kitty Ties

This cat-lover has been making himself shirts and then matching ties for his cats out of the same fabric. Awww! This is taking cat love to a whole new level.

I honestly can't even believe folks made these clothes almost from scratch here.

So many beautiful designs I wouldn't be able to pick my favorite one. How about you? Which one do you love the most? And have you ever made something as awesome for yourself?