Wholesome Celebrity Encounters That Showed They're Just Like Regular People

If there's anything that could make our day, it's puppies and wholesome celebrity encounters!

These help prove that celebs are regular people, too — they've been taught to be kind and help others, and most go out of their way to do just that.

Like the time Zendaya stopped security from pushing away her fans or when Tracy Morgan bought a girl a phone.

Come check out these wholesome encounters!

Jason Momoa

Since this Redditor looked nervous before meeting the actor at a convention, he helped them relax by putting his arm around them. He also said, "moon of my life" in Game of Thones Dothraki to them.

Britney Spears

"I went to a Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas and my friend happened to know someone who worked with Britney, so we got the chance to meet her before the show! When I finally got to see her she was incredibly shy and quiet, and just before I left, Britney said, 'You're really pretty!' I could have just DIED right then and there." - robinm4290643f2

Colin Firth

The British actor is a gentleman, both on and off the screen!

This Redditor shared that they were so excited to meet him since their mom is a huge fan. In addition to getting an autograph, Colin stopped by the mom's work the next day to say hi.

Mr. Rogers

"I was lucky enough to spend 6 hours sitting next to the man on an airplane. I was 7. Highlight of my life. We ate lunch. I spilled on him. I thought I had ruined everything, but he just smiled and gave me his dessert." - u/harpejjist

Tony Hawk

"I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney with Tony Hawk. He had given me his autograph earlier at a convention and we just happened to be in line together. He was really cool." -u/Possum_Pendulum

Dave Chappelle

This Redditor frequented the same Starbucks that the comedian did. One time, he sat and talked with them for 45 minutes about screenwriting. They said that he's extremely down-to-earth and super nice.

Carrie Fisher

"I once met Carrie Fisher at a book signing. When it was my turn, she kindly said, 'Hello' and all I could blurt out was 'I love you!' She hilariously replied, 'I know' (like in the Star Wars films)." - u/skylarm4a70cea3e

Tom Hanks

"I worked at Disneyland in the late 90’s and I saw him giving a tour to a group of about 25 kids. He was leading the tour and the Disney tour guide was just tagging along so I could tell he’d done this many times before." - u/GenXer1977

Samuel L. Jackson

When this person asked the actor if they could bother him for an autograph, his response was the sweetest.

He told them, "Sweetie, don't ever apologize for wanting to talk to me or ask for my autograph — I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for you!"

Anne Hathaway

"We were backstage waiting for her cue to go on started chatting. She told me how she was such a klutz and we joked around a bit. Then, when she was called on stage she tripped hard going up the stairs and face planted, then turned around to me and we both started laughing." - u/menicknick

Adam Sandler.

"He is super nice we met him at my aunts lake house. Such a sweet guy he brought his family over and we hung out with him for like 3 hours and we just chilled. He is an amazing dude." -u/hshdhfjde

Robin Williams

This Redditor met him when he came out to Iraq for a USO tour in 2007. They said that he was willing to sign anything and talk to everyone and even stayed around to talk to anyone who missed his show.

Nicolas Cage

"He would come into a pet store I used to work at. He always wanted to get in and get out but never asked for discounts or free things like another celebrity I had to deal with." - u/blindgirlandherguide

Lady Gaga

"She gave me a huge hug, listened to me, genuinely thanked me for my support, and had someone from her team come over to look at my homemade outfit that was based on one of her outfits." - u/hausofmeredith

Jennifer Hudson

When this person was hired to do a home inspection for her, they shoot their shot and asked if they could play ukelele to her and have her sing.

Surprisingly, she ended up doing it and they even sang a duet!

Gary Sinese

"About 12 years ago I met Gary Sinese at a screening of a documentary he produced about a family in my area who had three sons who deployed to Iraq. He's as nice and genuine has everyone says and him caring about disabled veterans is definitely not an act or for PR purposes. The guy just cares." - u/monty_kurns

Snoop Dogg

"About 14 years ago, my friends and I went to a concert with Snoop Dogg. After the show, one of my friends went along to a club where there was an afterparty. She wasn't dressed for 'da club' and was wearing dirty old sneakers and jeans. The bouncer wouldn't let her in, but Snoop was there and turned to the bouncer, saying, 'Nah, man, she's wit me' and let her in.'" - laurenh62

Tracy Morgan

The actor and comedian bought this person's younger sister a phone.

This happened after he overheard the girl upset in the Verizon store since she lost her phone and didn't have the money to replace it.


The actress has been a class act since day 1. When she was at Disneyland and security tried to push fans away, she intervened.

She told them, "Look, nobody standing here would have a job right now if it wasn't for people like them watching the show and supporting me. I'd really like it if you'd let me have a few minutes with my fans to thank them. It's the least I can do."