Celebrities Who Have Been Married More Than Three Times

Wedding bells are always ringing in Hollywood!

We've been witness to marriages of all kinds: short marriages, elopements, and so much more.

While a lot of these are first-time marriages, many celebs have walked down the aisle several times. Third times the charm, amirite?!

Without further adieu, here are 10+ celebs who have been married three times or more.

1. Blake Shelton

Thanks to his recent nuptials to Gwen Stefani, this country singer has now been married three times!

His first wife was Kaynette Williams, whom he divorced after meeting his second wife, Miranda Lambert. The two country stars got married in 2011 and divorced in 2015.

2. Kim Kardashian

The reality star sure is a sucker for love. She's been married three times so far, and two out of three have been extremely high-profile.

The men are music producer Damon Thomas, NBA player, Kris Humphries, and then Kanye West.

During the last season of *Keeping Up With the Kardashians*, she tearfully expressed how the divorce to Kanye made her feel.

“I feel like a [expletive] failure that it’s [my] third [expletive] marriage,” she cried. “I feel like a [expletive] loser. But I can’t even think about that. I want to be happy.”

3. Liza Minnelli

The Broadway star had been married four times.

Since she's so creative, it's not surprising that all men work in creative fields. For example, she was married to a musician, director, sculptor, and producer.

4. Janet Jackson

The R&B superstar has walked down the aisles three times in her life.

The first time, she eloped with her childhood friend, James DeBarge, in 1984. Their marriage only lasted three months since James was struggling with addiction.

Years later, in 1991, she wed dancer René Elizondo Jr. in 2000.

She took a long hiatus from marriage after that before marrying billionaire CEO Wissam Al Mana. The pair are still together and going strong.

5. Billy Bob Thornton

The Bad Santa actor has been married six times!

His first wife was Melissa Lee Gatlin, whom he was with from 1978 to 1980. Following this, he was with actress, Toni Lawrence, for only a year.

His most high-profile marriage was his fourth one, which was to Angelina Jolie.

Their whirlwind relationship lasted from 2000 to 2003. He's currently still married to his sixth wife, Connie, who he wed in 2014.

6. Marc Anthony

The Latin superstar has been married four times.

Each happened pretty soon after a previous divorce. For example, he married his second wife, Dayanara Torres, the same year as his divorce to Maria Von Ritchie Lopez.

Then, he was married to Jennifer Lopez. She wed him the same year she ended her engagement to Ben Affleck.

During their 10 years together, they welcomed twins. Following their divorce, he married his fourth wife, Shannon De Lima.

7. Drew Barrymore

The actress has certainly lived an interesting life. One fun fact is how she's been married three times.

The first marriage was to bartender Jeremy Thomas, whom she wed in 1994. After their divorce, she got hitched to actor Tom Green in 2001. Next was actor Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016.

8. David Foster

While he's happily in love with his current wife, Katherine McPhee, it took him five marriages to finally get it right.

His previous wives are singer B.J. Cook, actresses Rebecca Dryer and Linda Thompson, and then Yolanda Hadid.

9. Kate Winslet

While fans may have wanted her to marry her Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, that never happened.

Instead, she's been married three times to other people. Her first walk down the aisle was in 1998 to assistant director, Jim Threapleton.

Then, she was married to director Sam Mendes from 2003 to 2010. She's been with her third husband, Ned Rocknroll, since 2012.

Fun fact: she met her third and current husband during a fire. Talk about sparks flying!

10. Shannen Doherty

The Charmed actress has charmed her way into three marriages. The first was to actor Ashley Hamilton in 1993. They split after a year. Then, she married poker player Rick Salomon in 2002.

After another year-long marriage, they divorced and she married her current husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, in 2011.

11. Angelina Jolie

Just like her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thorton, Angelina has proven that she's the marrying kind.

Her first was to the actor, Jonny Lee Miller in 1996, and then Billy Bob Thorton from 2000 to 2003. Then, of course, there's her marriage to Brad Pitt.

12. Halle Berry

While no wedding bells are currently ringing between her and her boyfriend, Van Hunt, they might be soon. She's been married three times, after all.

Her first marriage was to a baseball player, Davis Justin, in 1992. Following this, she married musician Eric Benét in 2001 and then French actor, Oliver Martinez, in 2013.

13. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block has been married three times; engaged five (but don't you dare judge her for that).

It all started with Cuban actor, Ojani Noa, from 1997 to 1998, followed by her backup dancer, Cris Judd, from 2001 to 2003.

While she was engaged to Ben Affleck, that didn't last.

Her most recent husband was singer Marc Anthony, who she was with for 10 years.

Alex Rodriguez, former pro baseball player with the New York Yankees, would've been her fourth had they not called off their engagement.