20 Frugal People Who Only Need Their Creativity

The internet loves a good life hack, especially if it is one that can save you a few pennies here and there. And fortunately, there are plenty of people across the globe working on these hacks!

So, from people who used unexploded missiles as the perfect toys to individuals who did really unsettling things with old soaps, here are 20 frugal people who only need their creativity!

"No wheel? No problem!"

I like that the guy who is stood at the back of this took the precaution of wearing the worst safety footwear possible, sandals. Additionally, as was pointed out, "Also [the] fuel filler cap [is] missing just so a little fuel can be added when sparks fly."

"So as it turns out those kids sandboxes are actually quite water capable."

Someone else pointed out that this little tiny boat is actually properly registered as well, which is just fantastic. This guy should sell these, I would absolutely buy one immediately. Just imagine razzing around a lake in that beauty!

"Fixed hole in my exhaust with a baked bean tin."

The individual who posted this explained that the price they were quoted to get this properly fixed was more than the car itself was actually worth. This also just goes to prove the fact that you can fix anything with a baked bean tin!

"Custom body work."

I think that they have actually done a pretty good job with this, and it actually looks a lot more sturdy than most bumpers that I have seen out there on the roads. Although, as someone mentioned, "With the price of plywood...that bumper is worth more than the car."

"Way above ground pool."

I do not think that I would ever be able to relax in this monstrosity. I would just perpetually be waiting for the whole balcony to collapse under the water's immense weight and send me plummeting to a watery grave.

"I wonder how long this took to make..."

I am all for saving a bit of money wherever you can here and there, but this has surely got to be a step too far? I know that it is just soap, but my God it looks absolutely horrible!

You Never Know What Is In Your Walls!

"The wife and I were tearing down a wall and saw this and found this sub appropriate as hell, an iPhone 5 box being used as a fan control holder! Yet completely drywalled so you couldn't tell," the individual who found this explained.

"Hi-Vis jackets for dogs are between $40 and $80. I brought a second hand child's hi-vis jacket for $1 and it fits perfectly! Frugal win!"

The little fella in the picture does not look too pleased with the savings that they have made. Although, he may just be miffed about having to wear this outfit. It's better to be safe than sorry though little guy!

Why Throw It Away When The Zipper Breaks?

"Dad doesn't toss his hoodies when the zippers break. Buttons made from a broken broom handle and loops from p-cord. This is an upgrade from when he used to just apply a strip of duck tape," explained the person who took this photo.

"I quite like how simple and cheap a solution it is."

This is the perfect staircase for any individual who really could not care less about their physical health in any way. Also, who just happens to have enough pallets lying around the place to build an entire set of stairs with?

"I guess the dryer relay went bad, it runs when pushing start, it doesn't stay running. I fixed it, just didn't repair it yet."

Sure, it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem, but it works, which is the main thing! All they need to do now is paint this grip white and then they have finished the job I guess!

The Perfect Alarm System!

What I like about this security system is that it is also likely to scare the living daylights out of anyone who tries to break into your house. Although, it is something of a single use security system, which is a bit of a drawback.

If It Works, It Works...

I can see why this idea would appeal to a lot of people who are trying to save water. It's a pretty good idea, just so long as it doesn't end up working the other way around to the way it is supposed to.

"Moving Day..."

Sometimes you just cannot be bothered to order a taxi and have to strap yourself onto the back of your partner's scooter while sat in a portable cooler. I mean, it's not a situation that I've ever been in, but to each their own!

"My GF is too frugal throw away 1¢ stamps THAT AREN'T EVEN HERS!"

I mean, they are legal tender so it would be crazy to throw them away, right? I think that they might have found themselves a keeper here, you know that she will always get the most out of her money if nothing else!

"When you run out of 30kmh signs, just use a piece of paper and some glue."

It is going to be one hell of an exciting day on this road when that piece of paper eventually tears off. There will be cars hurtling down this residential street at 80 kmh, and there'll be nothing that the police can do!

"When You Finally Decide To Re-Purpose Those Old Bombs You Had Laying Around..."

Well, it is about time that I found a use for all of those useless missiles that have been filling up my back garden. Now I can make the most terrifying swings of all time! Just make sure you don't swing them side to side.

"Private Hospital, to keep the TV at the right angle..."

You would think that a private hospital of all places would have the money required to do... Well, to do bloody well anything! Still though, I do quite like the ingenuity of this little fix. Perhaps a patient did it.

Shower Hacks 101...

If you want a rain-effect shower but you don't fancy paying for it, then look no further than this incredible solution. Now you can pretend your shower is a shower at one of those fancy spa places that you always wanted to visit.

"Who needs wireless headphones, when you can do this."

It is amazing the lengths that people will go to in order to avoid having wires dangling down into their pockets. I also love the fact that there isn't an actual iPod shuffle on there, as the person who posted this pointed out that it is actually a "ROG Delta Core with attached $4 iPod Chinese copy."

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