10+ Handy Lifehacks We Learned From The Internet

The internet is the best place to go if you're looking for a lifehack. There are literally hundreds of them posted everywhere.

In addition to Reddit, TikTok has become the place to go to for many handy tricks and tips. So I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of the best lifehacks I've come across lately. You're welcome!

1. This Mac 'n Cheese Hack

I can't tell you how much my fiancé loves mac 'n cheese. However, it's a struggle to get all the ingredients out of the bag. Check out this mom's brilliant answer to that. OMG! My mind is blown, ha, ha!

2. This Chip Bag Hack

Who doesn't love late-night chip snacking sessions? Is it just me? Are you always running out of bag clips, though? Did you realize that you can just seal the bag like this instead? So easy!

3. This Christmas Wrapping Hack

How do you store your unused Christmas wrapping paper? Isn't it always a pain? This guy cuts off a segment of an empty wrapping roll. Then he slices it down the middle and puts the wrapping inside. I actually do this, too!

4. This Pouring Hack

Let me ask you something: Are you clumsy? I always end up making a mess when I pour water from awkward containers. Who knew I could just use a spoon as a funnel instead? That's so ingenious.

6. This Pepper Cutting Hack

I'd like to think that I'm pretty good when it comes to chopping veggies. I have that game down pat. So while I'm impressed with this pepper chopping hack, I think my way is still better ha, ha!

5. This Smart Way To Collect Rain Water

Are you a big environmentalist? That's awesome. Wouldn't it be cool if you could use rainwater to water your outdoor garden? If you think so, then you must love this idea here.

7. This Ziploc Cutting Hack

Have you ever wished that you could find Ziploc bags that fit exactly what you need them for? Well, now you can make your own sizes. The heat from the knife actually seals the plastic when you slice the bag into segments. Wow!

8. This Ring Removing Hack

If you ever found yourself with a ring that won't come off, that's never fun. Here's a simple yet effective solution to be able to remove it without a problem. How neat is that?

9. This Phone Charging Hack

If you found yourself without power and can't charge your phone, listen up. All you need is a 9-volt battery, a pen spring, your phone's charger, and a car charger. Put the spring on one battery pin and the car charger on the other and you can actually charge your phone as you hold it. Wow!

10. This Blinds Hack

Here's a useful hack that I have been doing for quite some time now. When you close your blinds, people can still peep through them from the outside. But if you flip them, the other way, creepers won't be able to spy on you anymore.

It also works if you want your room a bit darker than usual.

11. This Icy Windshield Hack

Winter is here, and storms are bound to happen. If you ever find yourself with an icy windshield, use this simple solution. Pour some warm water in a Ziploc bag and run it down your windshield. Be careful, though, so your window doesn't crack.

12. This Chicken Hack

I almost exclusively eat chicken, so I often have to clean it out. I have to admit getting all the guts off of it isn't my favorite part of meal prep. I wish I knew about this hack sooner.

13. This Ultimate Life Hack

I would like to think that everyone wants to be a kind and genuine person. At least, that's my goal in life. If it is yours, you should definitely take note of this solid advice here.

14. This Tool Hack

How do you keep your tools well-organized and ready for when you need them? It's quite simple, really. Get yourself a magnetic knife holder, and voilà. How do you like this easy solution here? I dig it.

15. This Hair Solution

Anybody who's got long hair like me knows it can sometimes be a pain. That is especially true on a hot day. What do you do when you don't have a hair clip handy? You can use this instead.

16. This Cord Organization Hack

What do you do with all those bread bag clips? Do you throw them out? Perhaps you should start keeping them from now on. They can definitely come in handy as a cable organization solution.

17. This Blender Hack

I absolutely love making smoothies in my blender. However, I don't enjoy the clean-up process as much. Who knew there was an easier way to do it? All you need to do is fill your blender with soapy water, run it and rinse out. Nice!

18. This Self-Checkout Tip

Make sure you have all the barcodes facing up. Use the gun to scan it quickly. This way, you can be in and out in under two minutes at self-checkout. Save the bagging for the end, and you're done.

19. This Car Keys Hack

Tie your keys into the waistband string in your basketball shorts or athletic wear so they won’t fall out. They also don’t bounce around as much. Now you can work out or play sports in peace.

20. This Lotion Bottle Hack

When your lotion's pump stops working because there isn't enough product cut the bottle up. Then stack the top on the new bottom. Now you will be able to get the rest of that lotion out.

21. This Ice Cream Hack

Eating that ice cream for one just got easier. Forget about freezing your hands holding that tub of iced goodness. Instead, just put the whole tub in a big mug, and voilà. Problem solved, no?

22. This Pill Cracking Hack

Do you often need to take pills in half doses? It's really hard to crack them in half. Am I right? Well, not according to this person's genius hack. I had no idea it could be as easy as that.

So what do you think of all these awesome life hacks, huh?

I'm so thrilled with the abundance of ideas out there. I love so many of these I can't pick my favorite. How about you? Which one you're going to try out ASAP?