Add Some Creepy Crawlies To Your Yard With Home Depot's Gargantuan Outdoor Spider

Home Depot NEVER misses when it comes to Halloween.

They created a viral craze last year with their giant skeleton (and I mean giant), and this year they've added a new skeleton to the mix: a pumpkin king.

Now, they've added a giant spider to their collection. And guys? It's terrifying.

So, this is terrifying.

Hello, creature of my nightmares. This 5-foot spider is part of Home Depot's 2021 Halloween collection, which also includes the aforementioned pumpkin skeleton that will 100% haunt you.

It's even bigger than it looks.

This thing is nearly 9-feet wide, what with those huge legs and all. The eyes are LED and battery-powered, and you can set it up in about 45 minutes.

Honestly, it's serving me big Aragog vibes.

You could totally live out your Forbidden Forest fantasy with a few of these bad boys on your lawn. Kids dressed in their Harry Potter best would love and hate it.

Congrats on your future creepy lawn.

If you want to add this to your Halloween lawn decor (or start your collection), you can order mister spider here for $349 from Home Depot. Happy haunting!

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