Home Depot's 12-Foot Pumpkin Skeleton Has Realistic Eyes To Freak Out The Neighborhood

Guys. It's that time of year again.

Last year, people lost their minds when they saw Home Depot's giant yard skeleton. The internet went into a meme frenzy, which we deeply needed — 2020 was a rough year. People then repurposed the skeletons for other holidays, and the meme continued to grow.

Home Depot saw the fun and decided to up the ante. This year, they've introduced a pumpkin skeleton. And guys? it's terrifying.

Last year, the giant skeleton took the internet by storm.

I was absolutely nuts for the Home Depot skeleton phenomenon. We needed some fun in 2020, and that morbid decoration more than fit the bill. It's also a meme that endures.

If you missed out on all the hype, allow me to show you just how big that thing is.

Look at that. It's a whipping 12 feet tall, which easily dwarfs a bungalow home. This thing is so huge, guys. And it has eyes that blink!

This year, Home Depot decided to up the ante.

They decided to launch an entire "Rotten Patch" collection. According to lead designer Lace Allen, it's, "influenced by Midwest farms with a haunted twist."

And it features a giant pumpkin skeleton. That one is hard to miss.

This thing is crazy.

Like the original skeleton — called Skelly, in case you were wondering — the pumpkin king here comes in at 12 feet tall, and features poseable arms and legs.

It also has LCD eyes.

"What’s great about the screens is that we can fully program whatever image or scene we want on them," Lance explained. "That’s what gives Skelly his realistic blue eyes."

That's terrifying, Lance. I love it.

If I had a yard, I'd put this in it in a hot second.

I mean, are you kidding me? This thing has creeping musculature! I would keep this up year-round and decorate it for every single season. It would have a flower crown on in the spring.

You can get yours at Home Depot.

I'd act fast if you want one of these bad boys. Last year, the giant skeletons were extremely hard to come by.

They're available for $349 at Home Depot.

In fact, the OG skeleton is already sold out.

Skelly is sold out online, and the pumpkin skeleton is going fast. If you miss out online, don't worry — they'll be available in stores this August.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll be moving into this house.

I'm sorry, where can I get my hands on that GIANT T-Rex skeleton? I need that for my apartment. This is not a joke.

What do you think of the giant skeletons? How awesome are they, on a scale from 1-10?

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