Makeup Artist Shows Off The Power Of Makeup In Dramatic Before-And-After Pics

The power of makeup is something we should never underestimate. The photos in this article are proof of that.

Makeup artist Mariya Kalashnikova works with her clients to highlight their innate beauty through custom makeovers. She shares the results of these transformations in before-and-after photos that prove to everyone the power of makeup is very, very real.

Before we get started, let's do my regular little makeup primer:

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(See what I did there?)

Makeup is for you and no one else. These women chose to get their makeovers entirely for themselves. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear makeup, and nothing wrong with choosing not to! They're beautiful before AND after it's on.

This look maximized the drama.

You gotta love a crazy look, you know? Blue eyeshadow is incredibly hard to pull off, but Mariya had the skills to make it happen. The blue pairs so nicely with her gorgeous eyes!

I'm loving this dramatic look.

It's so fun to do dark, dramatic eyes, you know? A good smoky eye goes a long way. This one uses dark browns to really emphasize her gorgeous eyes!

This bridal look will make a bride's day even more special.

Mariya explained that proper skin cleansing is key to making looks like this happen. She also noted good brushes help with the blending and thus the life of the contour!

Mariya did a deep skin analysis before choosing how to do this client's makeup.

She noted that the client's cool undertones in her skin and warmer tones in her hair needed to compliment one another, so she added in warm browns and golds to her look!

This woman's brows got a major fill-in.

Mariya noted that her client, Elena, was already beautiful and didn't need too much. She wanted to make her fresh and shiny, so she chose lighter eye makeup and emphasized her lashes!

This client wanted some smoke.

Mariya noted that smoky eyes are totally doable on older skin, it's just a matter of technique! A lot of the smokiness actually comes from the lashes — how cool is that?

Mariya calls this technique "lifting makeup."

This makeup look genuinely looks like a mini facelift! For lifting, she doesn't contour, but instead evens out tone and adds blush and pastel tones to the eyes.

Mariya talked to this client a lot to understand her preferences.

She noted that communication with all of her clients helps her with her color and texture choices. If she learns their likes and dislikes, she can tailor her looks to make them feel as beautiful as possible.

This makeover kept things natural.

I love when makeovers add just a bit of glam. This look is on the natural side, with a lot of neutral tones, light eye makeup, and a peachy lip.

The key to this look was moisture.

Using moisturizing products on older skin will add a lot of life back into it! Pink or peach blush is best for looks like this too, as it flatters almost every skin tone. And NO contouring!

This look is a showstopper.

Mariya used a deep blush to bring out the warm tones in her client's beautiful skin. The winged liner and lashes emphasized her eye shape, and the neutral lipstick showed off her lips!

This look is perfect for a wedding.

This is one of Mariya's bridal looks that she teaches in her online classes on Instagram. It's fresh and light, with warm brown tones around the eye and a neutral lip color!

Mariya chose to work with her client's hair color to create her look!

Katya's hair was Mariya's inspiration here. She wanted to make sure her face didn't look to pale with the darkness of her hair, and then used cool-toned shades on her eyes to make them pop.

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