Stylist Shares Before-And-After Pics To Show The Power Of A Good Makeup Artist

There is something special that happens when a person puts on makeup. They immediately feel a lot more confident. That new-found confidence is exactly what a great makeup artist strives for, no?

And, that's the case when you look at these before-and-after makeup transformation pictures. Feast your eyes on these stunning makeovers and let them be an inspiration to you.

Ulyana Starobinskaya is a makeup artist extraordinaire.

She wants every woman's beauty to shine through. That's why she takes great care to make every transformation as special and fulfilling as it can be, and it definitely shows. Can you see it here?

Ulyana has spent over 12 years in the makeup industry, so she's very confident in what she does.

She treats every client as if they were Hollywood stars. She hopes that they will get an experience they will never forget.

Ulyana's method takes into consideration the person's unique features.

She also looks closely at their character and the clothes they wear. In the end, she gears the final look towards the lifestyle or an event the client is planning to attend.

But the most important thing for Ulyana is the reaction she gets from her clients.

It makes her happy to see the light in their eyes after they see themselves for the first time. I bet that must be so satisfying.

Whether Ulyana prepares a lady for her wedding day or a special event, it's all the same to her.

She takes just as much care with each and every makeover as she would with a celebrity. Her craft is really masterful, as you can see.

She works with clients from a wide range of ages.

The years of experience under her belt make her confident she can work with any client. See how beautifully she has transformed this young lady here? Her skin looks so fresh and flawless, no?

Ulyana is as equally skilled working with younger skin as she is with more mature skin types.

This lady here got the royal treatment. Do you agree with me? I think her face looks absolutely radiant after this transformation.

She is also able to correct certain imperfections.

Just take a look at her amazing work here. It's hard to tell this is even the same lady, right? Wow, what a stunning makeover. This lady looks so gorgeous here, huh?

Sometimes a lady needs a little confidence boost in the form of amazing makeup.

I bet it's what this woman was looking for here. Well, she is definitely in luck because she's in the hands of a skillful stylist like Ulyana.

If you're looking for a style that packs a punch, look no further than this talented stylist.

She made this pretty lady look like a million bucks. Do you think so too? I bet she's totally ready to take on anything now.

Wow, what a truly stunning makeover here.

I can hardly believe how this lady's skin got transformed here. Now, do you believe in the power of makeup? I sure do. I wish I had mad skills like this talented makeup artist.

I've got to be honest — I don't typically wear makeup.

However, if I knew how to make my face look as good as this, I would wear it a lot more, ha, ha! This lady is a wizard with her makeup tools, for sure.

When you look your best, you feel good about yourself.

That can't be more apparent than here. This lady's face got the total transformation of a lifetime, if I do say so myself. What do you think? Are you as impressed by this as me?

Check out how gorgeous this lady looks here.

Wow, it's like Ulyana has taken years of this lady's features. What do you think? Do you agree with me? I think this look allows this lady's true beauty to shine through.

This lady sure looks like she got a new lease on life.

She looks a lot more fresh and polished here, no? I really love how subtle and natural Ulyana did her makeup. I bet she feels a lot more confident now.

How do you elevate a short hair look?

Well, you can definitely do it with dramatic makeup. I think this is what Ulyana had in mind here. I totally get where she was coming from to create this stunning makeover here.

My guess is that Ulyana has seen her share of skin imperfections.

So she is very well-versed when it comes to this subject. There's no doubt in my mind that she can tackle it with ease, just as she did here.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

Don't you agree with me? So if Ulyana can create that feeling inside of the woman she's working with, it must be a great thing. I love how pretty this lady looks after her makeover.

Wow! I have to admit, this lady is channeling 1950s glamor here after this makeover.

I mean it in the most sincere way possible, you know. I would love to have my makeup done this way someday.

Get a load of this makeover.

If you don't think this lady looks sassy after her transformation here, I don't know what's wrong with you, hee, hee! I have to say, she kind of reminds me of Cher in the "after" picture.

Every woman wants to exude some kind of drama from time to time.

There's nothing wrong with that. But the sort of drama that I like can only be accomplished through the clever use of makeup. Just like Ulyana did right here.

Whoa! Is this amazing or what?

I had to do a double-take when I first saw this picture. I thought this was two different people. The whole transformation is incredible. The makeup, the hair — it's all pretty unbelievable. I'm stunned.

If these are not the perfect examples of the power of makeup, I don't know what is.

Am I right? These ladies were so lucky to get treated to a beautiful makeover with such a talented artist. Which one is your favorite?

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