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People Are Sharing Things They're Doing Wrong But Are Too Embarrassed To Fix

If you feel unprepared for most areas of life, you're not alone.

Millions of people are "winging" it every day, with everything from managing finances to dating to parenting. Some even walk the wrong way!

But do we do anything to fix it? Nope — we're too afraid to look foolish. While you muster up the courage, take comfort in these Redditors stories.

Their long lunch breaks.

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This is usually something bosses forget to mention on orientation day.

As a result, this Redditor has been taking hour-long lunches for six years, only to discover that they're only supposed to take 30 mins. Oops!

Their relationships.

"Throughout my life I've never gotten much romantic attention, and when I do receive it, I tend to be obnoxiously clingy, which leads to being left alone again. I don't know how to break this habit, because my emotions are just strong." - u/CrystalTear

Their finances.

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This Redditor shares that they have no idea how to manage their finances. I feel you, buddy!

Unfortunately, money management — an extremely important subject — wasn't taught in school. We were too busy learning about the mitochondria of a cell...


"Let's face it. I don't even know what the heck that is, how it works and what the difference between talking and flirting is. Funny enough apparently that leads to me being constantly flirty without wanting to be. At least I often get told that I flirt with almost every single person I met." - u/OverlyShyEnby


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"I baby sat a few times when I was 13 or 14 and I wasn’t sure if I was just supposed to check in on the kid or play with them or just like, make sure they don’t die. I’m really good at kid sitting but baby sitting (or for me watching a kid under 7 years old) is just hard." - u/Teabeany

Their PhD.

This Redditor writes that they are going into their third year and still don't feel as if they ever adjusted or formed healthy habits.

This would definitely include avoiding procrastination, which may work for college but not a PhD program.

Supervising others.


"I am put in the position but just rely on the efficiency of my subordinates. As soon as there's someone who's lazy or a troublemaker I've got to figure out how to learn." - u/sinf_wacht

Managing anger.

Anger is a normal human emotion, but we don't really talk about it often as a society.

Some people transform into The Hulk at a moment's notice, yet don't know how to calm themselves down, like this Redditor.

Brushing their teeth.

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"Why do the foam tend to dribble down my chin and sometimes down my right arm? When did I bite the toothbrush? Why does my toothbrush wear out in a month? How do I brush my tongue well enough?" - u/charlie_wonka


There's a reason first kisses are so awkward: no one taught us how to do it! And unless we're willing to practice on our friends, we're kissing blind. It's just one of those things that improve the more you practice.

Making small talk.


"I just suck at talking to people I don't really know or don't know at all. Sometimes when I get tips for stuff I respond 'yes' or 'ok' or 'thank you' and even that feels weird or wrong, even the action of saying 'hello' feels off... It even happens with firends sometimes..." - u/Burcus254525

Their job.

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"Everyone says I'm doing great and praises me for being so efficient or being ahead on my training but I feel like I'm constantly having to ask questions and do extensive research on what the [expletive] I'm supposed to do in specific situations." - u/KleinLoki

Treating their depression.

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This Redditor writes that they've tried everything — therapy, medication, changing their diet, getting rid of toxic friendships.

And yet, nothing has truly helped them, which leaves them feeling more hopeless than ever.



"Like how the expletive] do you find people, that are equally interested in going out with you as you are with them. And then you somehow have to notice that they'd be interested in going out. I just don't understand it, and it sometimes makes me feel like I'll never go on one because of it." - u/Ezechiell


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"They all appear to be functioning human beings, so we can't be too far off the mark, but I do worry we've screwed up somewhere along the line and they'll pay the price for our mistakes in the future." - u/EnailaRed

Riding a bike.


For most of us, the only real lesson we got was the one we had the first time we ever rode a bike. This has left this Reddit unsure of whether their shifting and turning and doing the road rules correctly.

Eating healthy.

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"I know I’m doing it wrong, but for sure to afraid to ask. Or more so don’t even know where to ask where I’m not going to get some carb losing fat burning gym eating program. I just want to eat normal healthy." - u/southsask2019


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Yes, really. This Redditor writes that they broke their leg when they were two and learned to walk with a cast.

They know their walk is messed up as a result, but they're too afraid to ask their doctor for a referral to fix it.


"Like what I supposed to be doing? I have about 80 years total. So far, I’ve learned stuff, got married, and got a good job. Am I just grinding out the rest of my years?" - u/OPmeansopeningposter